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March 2010 minutes

March 13, 2010 minutes

24 members and 8 guests for a total present of 32 for this 1st meeting at the El Patron Restaurant in Georgetown.

President Green called the meeting to order at 11:30 and led the chapter in the opening ceremony.

He then introduced the guests.

Treasurer Henry stated that he had received $480 form TXSSAR and a gift of $500 from Dan Satuffer's oil company.

The following new members were inducted into the chapter; Michael (Mick) Korelc; Justin Korelc; Sean Korelc; Nathan Cabaniss; Joseph Cabanis and Tommy Judson.

A youth registration certificate was also presented to Nathan's grandson: Sean Cabaniss, and a supplemental certificate was presented to Harry Walden. These then gave a brief account of their Patriot's participation in the war and a biographical sketch on them.

Compatriot Rick Malley then presented a Power Point Program on his new bookstore in downtown Georgetown, Dogeared Books. His partner Compatriot Paul Crown will present a program next month on "Masonic Lodge History". Rick Mally is also our chapter's "web-master" and showed what he has done so far with it. Members and interested individuals can access it at

President Green announced that the chapter needed 6 members in uniforms to form a color-guard for our chapter. Several have them or are in the process of getting them. He then led the chapter in the closing ceremony.

OUR NEXT MEETING IS APRIL 10th at 11 am at El Patron Restaurant

Submitted by Chapter Secretary William M. Towery

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