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April 2010 minutes

April 10, 2010 minutes

14 members and 9 guests present for a total of 23 for our April meeting.

The meeting was called to order by President Green at 11:20 after time allowed for ordering the meals and fellowship between members and guests.

President Green Led the chapter in the opening ceremony of pledges to the flags followed by opening prayer by Chaplain Kirkland. He then asked those with guests to introduce them. Following that, he announced that Compatriot Michael Koreic will do a quarterly chapter newsletter.

After discussion of this project the meeting resumed at 11:35 with the induction of new member Joe E. Cox led by President Green and Registrar/Genealogist Dan Stauffer. Joe gave a short summary of what he knew about his Patriot Solomon Cox's participation in the Revolutionary War.

President Green then handed out

(1) a list of the Officers and their phone numbers: President: Harlan Green - 869-0752; President Elect: Don Bunnell - 931:2094; Registrar/ Geneologist: Dan Stauffer - 931-2153; Treasurer: Reece Henry - 876-1008; Secretary: William Towery - 864-7585; Chaplain: David Kirkland - 658-5100; Sergeant-at-Arms: Eric Kirkland - 536-0136; Historian: Myric Browning - 864-7544.

(2) a list of the schools in Williamson County that have JROTC units and those compatriots who will be giving out the medals to the selected cadets at these high schools: Leander - Harlan Green; George-town -Stephen Sheffield; Mc Neal - David Kirkland; Round Rock - Stephen Sheffield;Stony Point - James Scott; Vista Ridge - James Scott; and Westwood - Stephen D. Thomas

(3) a list of those Compatriots who now have uniforms and thus make up our Color Guard Unit: Harlan Green; David Kirkland; William Towery; James Scott and Paul Sweatland as commander of color guard. A discussion was held later on the participation of Color Guard in the Memorial Day program at Sun City and participating with Patrick Henry Chapter in several events in the Austin area.

President Green then gave a short report on the TXSSAR Annual Meeting that he attended. He gave the Wilbur S. Strong Award Certificate (for being a newly formed chapter) to Sec. Towery as Historian Browning was absent.

The meeting was suspended at 12:00 as lunch was being served and resumed at 12:25 with the presentation of the program by Compatriot Paul Crown who gave a history of Free Masonry.

The meeting adjourned after the SAR Recessional and Closing Prayer

William M. Towery, Secretary

A correction to the minutes was given by Dan Stauffer in that the grant from his former Oil Company was for $2,000 not $ 500.

President Green then appointed the following Committees:

Nomination (to report at November Meeting): William Towery chm; Dan Satuffer, and Bill Freeman.

Computer (chairman to select members): Dan Stauffer chm.

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