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October 2010 minutes

October 9, 2010 minutes

The regular meeting of the Alexander Hamilton Chapter was convened by President Harlan Green at 11:30 at the El Patron Restaurant on Saturday, October 9, 2010.

President Green announced that several of our officers would be absent due to travel and/or illness.

The invocation was given by Don Bunnell, President Elect, after which several guests were welcomed.

There were no reports, as the meeting was dedicated to honoring and welcoming Past President General of the SAR, Judge Ed. Butler.

President Butler shared a video made of his past year of activities, outlining over 80,000 miles of travel, throughout the US and Europe. Several SAR chapters in Europe were visited, as Judge Butler acted as good will ambassador to encourage membership and participation.

He made several points: our young people are not being taught about our founders, as the current history books begin with the post Civil War reconstruction period. There is little understanding of the key role played by Spain in protecting the Mississippi river from British control during the Revolution.

He urged everyone to help increase membership and participation in Chapter activities. He also spoke about the new national headquarters building and library, which will become key national historical sites. He also mentioned that within the next year, will put digitized records online from all the record applications on file at SAR headquarters. This should greatly help future applicants and also be a key resource for those researching their ancestors.

President Green thanked President Butler for his fine work and for the informative video, and President Butler gave all the attendees a commemorative medallion.

We were reminded that our regular meetings continue on the second Saturday of the month and that installation of new officers will take place at the December meeting. Those interested in serving as an officer in the Chapter were urged to give that their consideration and volunteer if at all possible.

The meeting was adjourned after the recessional led by Don Bunnell.

Submitted by Jim Scott in behalf of Secretary William Towery

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