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November 2010 minute

November 13, 2010 minutes

When we arrived at the restaurant, we found that our meeting room had been given to another group as the management did not seem to know that we were coming. After waiting for a while, they set up the other overflow room for us, which was not as private as noise from the main dining room comes through the open arches. Since we had 30 people looking for a place to sit down, they sent in 3 workers to set up the room, take our lunch orders, and see that everyone was taken care of (they did an excellent job under trying circumstances). Needless to say the meeting was rather disorganized.

We had an excellent attendance of 20 members and 10 guests.

We were able to get the important business of nominating the following for our officers for the next two years: President: Donald H. Bunnell; President -elect: Paul J. Swetland; Secretary: William M. Towery; Treasurer: William R. Freeman; Registrar: Daniel B. Stauffer; Chaplain: David S. Kirkland; Historian: James J. Scott; Sergeant-at-arms: Daniel M. Towery.

No further nominations were forthcoming and these were unanimously elected and will be installed at the December 10th meeting.

Though conditions were difficult, we had a most excellent program presented by Judge Willie Blackmon on the African-American Soldiers participation in the Revolutionary war and the forming of our nation.

Secretary: William M. Towery

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