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December 2010 minutes

December 10, 2010 minutes

We were back in our regular room for this last meeting of 2010.

We had 8 guests and 13 members present for a total of 21.

The meeting began under the direction of Past President Harlan Green
with our pledges to the flags and prayer by our chaplain David Kirkland.

While the orders for the meal were being taken fellowship was enjoyed
among the members and guests, Past President Green shared some of
the highlights of the past 2 years.

Past President Green introduced William M. Marrs Past Secretary for
TXSSAR and elected as President of TXSSAR to be inducted at the
Annual State meeting in March.

Those to be inducted were invited forward and the following were
installed as the officers for 2011 and 2012; President: Donald H. Bunnell;
President Elect: Paul J. Swetland; Secretary: William M. Towery;
Treasurer: William R. Freeman; Registrar: Daniel B. Stauffer; Chaplain:
David S. Kirkland; Historian: James J. Scott; Sergeant-at-arms: Daniel M.

President Elect William M. Marrs brought the program with a challenge
to the members and the new officers followed by an appeal for help with
the new enlarged National Headquarters in Louisville, Ky. During this
appeal he explained just what the new building will offer the members and
provide in expanded services.

After the meal the meeting was closed with the SAR Recessional and
closing prayer by Chaplain Kirkland.

Secretary: William M. Towery

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