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April 2011 minutes

April 9, 2011 minutes


Again we had confusion over our use of the room as the manager was having a meeting with the workers. We finnally got in the room by 11:20.

We had 17 members and 6 guests present for a total of 23.

Our President Don was unable to make the meeting due to health problems. We hope that it is only a temporary situation.

Past President Harlan Green Presided as President Elect Paul Swetland was not ready to assume the position.

President Green called on Rev. Towery for the opening prayer, forgetting that Chaplain Kirkland was present.

After the opening ceremony President Green explained about President Bunnnell's health problems.

Our attention was called to the fact that 16 members have not as yet paid their dues.

It was noted that Harold Walden was acting as temporary Registrar as Don Stauffer will be gone until October.

Old Business - None was noted

New Business: Several of our members will be visiting in April and May the Jr. R.O.T.C units in the 7 High Schools in our County, that have them to, present medals and money to the winning students.

Harlan reminded us that our chapter will again join with the Austin chapter and the Capitol Area DAR chapters for the annual Memorial Day program.

Our program was presented by Larry Maltz and John Jones on the topic of "Shooting Long Rifles": They began by presenting a brief history on Gun Powder and a history of firearms. They had also brought two classic long rifles which the passed around for the group to see them

The meeting closed with the SAR Recessional and Prayer by Chaplain Kirkland.

William M. Towery, Chapter Secretary

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