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October 2011 minutes

Oct 8, 2011 minutes

11:00 Setup room, order meals and fellowship time

11:15 President Bunnell gave a summary of the Sept. 6th Board Mtg.
1. Web-site - Rick Malley is still working on it to make it better.
2. Membership Directory: awaiting roster from the TXSSAR.
Dues are due in December and delinquent as of 1/1/12.
3. SAR/DAR combined meeting in Feb. and Sept.
4. Elections: according to By-laws are to be held every 2 years
Nominating Committee: Paul Sweetland, Harlan Green, and
Jim Scott.
Report in Oct.; Election in Nov.; Instillation in Dec.
5. Delinquent Dues: as of Jan. 1st each year.
6. School Programs: Jr ROTC - Harlan Green
7. Recognition of Dan Stauffer as 3rd in nation 57 new
members and given Florence Kendall award.

11:30 Introduction of Guests by Pres. Bunnell

Officer Reports: Pres. Elect. - Badges available for members
Tres. away on a trip but finances good.
Registrar: Recognition of Harry Walden
Color Guard: 3 attended Naturalization event
JrROTC: James Scott working on assignments

11:40 Instillation of Ed Clendenin as new member

11:50 Harry Walden recognized with another supplemental.

11:55 Presentation of a $500. check by Michael Houaffer

12:00 Interruption for meals being served

12:25 Program presented by Lt. Col. Jack Cowan
"The Chains That Made America"

1:05 Closing Ceremony and Prayer by Chaplain Kirkland

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