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Nov 2011 minutes

Nov 12, 2011 minutes

11:00 Setup meeting room
21 Members and 5 guests signed the book for a total of 26 present

11:10 Call to Order by President Donald Bunnell
Report of Veterans' Day participation
Nominations needed for vacancies of officers for next year

11:12 Opening Ceremony

Reports by Officers
Secretary: William Towery no additions or corrections to minutes.
He also requested that an understudy be selected to assist him.
(Rick Malley agreed to do it)
Treasurer: reported that we are still solvent
Registrar: Dan Stauffer that 14 members did not pay dues last
year. They can be reinstated simply by filling out form and send in
their 2012 dues before 01-01-12. He will contact them.
Color Guard : Jim Scott reported 3 were in the Veterans Day
parade and he and Don Bunnell helped in a celebration at
their church.
School Contests: working on Poster and Essay contests.

Old Business: Election of President-elect for Paul Swetland who
declined to serve next year. Ray Devies was nominated and
elected to serve in 2012 for one year.

11:40 Meals Served and meeting recessed

12:15 Meeting resumed with the Induction Ceremony for John Tarlton
Harry Walden was presented with his Supplemental Certificate

12:30 President-elect Paul Swetland introduced speaker Marvin Morgan
TXSSAR Color Guard Commander who discussed and displayed
the Uniforms and Equipment of the Continental Soldiers.

1:10 The meeting closed by the Closing Ceremony and Closing Prayer.

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