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December 2011 minutes

December 10, 2011 minutes

10:50 Setup room, ordered meals, and had a time of fellowship

11:20 Meeting was called to order by President Don Bunnell .
--Pledge to the American Flag and the Texas Flag led by Tom Northen
--Opening prayer led by Chaplain David Kirkland

--Pledge to the SAR Flag led by Tom Northen

--Welcome to guests by President Don Bunnell

--Past President Harlan Green made request that any chapter members who have served in any branch of the military, please fill out a card with their names and branch of service.
Reports of Officers
-- President Elect - no reports
-- Secretary - No additions or corrections to minutes from previous meeting
--Treasurer Bill Freeman reported that chapter still has money
-- Registrar - A couple of prospective members are in attendance
-- Historian - absent
-- Webmaster - no new report
-- Sergeant at Arms - Absent
-- Color Guard - no new report
-- ROTC, Civic Report - no new report

11:30 Past President Harlan Green gave a short presentation regarding beginnings of alliances with foreign countries during the Revolution and the importance of Valley Forge.

11:40 President Don Bunnell passed out copies of an interview that was conducted with local TV, regarding SAR Chapter 66. He also asked that if any members have done any sort of SAR activity during the past year, please provide that information to Past President Harlan Green. This information will be sent to the state organization

11:45 Past President Harlan Green swears in new President Elect Ray DeVries. Afterwards, Past President gave a short description of the four uniforms that were worn by local compatriots:
Tom Northen - George Washington's uniform
David Kirkland - Pennsylvania uniform 1777
Harlan Green - Washington's uniform with red trim
Don Bunnell - Washington's uniform - Continental uniform
It was pointed out that there was no standard uniform for U.S. military until 1861, during the Civil War.

12:00 Dan Stauffer gave information regarding Society of Descendants of Valley Forge

12:05 Short break while waiting for food to be served.

12:35 Paul Swetland provided a very informative presentation and slide show regarding suffering and hardships of the Continental Army.

12:55 President made announcement that we will have our regular meeting next month on January 14, and our February meeting will be a joint meeting with the DAR in Austin.

1:00 Closing Ceremony and adjournment.

Minutes presented by Rick Malley

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