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January 2012 minutes

January 14, 2012 minutes

11:15 Meeting called to order by President Bunnell

Pledges led by Jim Scott
Opening Prayer by Mike Nichols
Members were reminded that we do not meet separately in
February but join with Austin or Salado SAR and DAR for
Washington Birthday Celebration Luncheon.

Induction of new members: Gordon Arnold and Ron Roberts:
Challenge to Candidates was read by James Scott

Harlan Green gave a report on the various school contests;
the courts of honor of the Boy Scouts in our area;
and the awards we can give to Police, Fire, and Rescue
units in our cities and county.

President Bunnell introduced the various guests

Program was presented by Michael Dosier of the Edward
Jones Financial Group who explained about
"Project Saphire" dealing with inspection of
nuclear waste for safe disposal in 1994.

12:20 After the program Lunch was served.

1:00 Closing Ceremony: SAR Recessional

William M. Towery Chapter Secretary

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