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April 2012 minutes

April 14, 2012 minutes

11:15 Meeting was called to order followed by pledges

We had 21 members and 10 guests for a total present of 31

Harlan Green stated that the dates and places of the Jr.R.O.T.C
presentations had been assigned
He also announced that the Color Guard along with Austin
was represented at the Induction Ceremony in Austin

The TXSSAR informed us that as of March we had 44 members.
Letters will be sent to all who have not paid their dues.
Everything from the TXSSAR will now be by computer.

Roger Gore was introduced as being in SAR for 45 years

Don Bunnell and Dan Stauffer attended the TXSSAR meeting

Don Bunnell and Harlan Green were give certificates of service

11:35 Induction Ceremony for New member Don Witherspoon
Jim Scott read the charges to the candidate
Don Bunnell presented him with the Rosette

11:40 Meals were served

"10 Reasons To Believe Why They Came to America."

1:00 Closing Ceremony with SAR Recessional

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