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May 2012 minutes

May 12, 2012 minutes

11:00 The meeting was called to order a little late by the President
with 20 members and 6 guests for a total of 26

Harry Walden presented Supplementals to Ray De Vries and Jim
Scott. Each gave a short summary of their patriot ancestor.

Following the Opening Ceremony the President introduced the
Guests present.

Harlan Green announced that the Color Guard would participate
in the Memorial Day program at the State Cemetery in Austin.

He also stated that former military members will be given awards
at the December meeting.
He reminded New Members that they will be given name tags.
He stated that all JrROTC programs in our area were given medals.

Our Treasurer announced that we have $2,757.30 as the result of
a 3rd grant from Farm Mutual.

11:35 Harlan Green introduced our speaker Major T. R. Neidecker
and his wife Sue. He shared his experiences during his
23 years in the Airforce. He is now leading the JrROTC
program at Leander which has 100 in the program.
He brought the protective gear worn by soldiers in Iraq and
Afganistan. He invited those who wanted to wear the
protective armor which weighed about 50 pounds plus
ammunition. He also passed around a sample of the food
for those brave enough to try a sample of it.

11:45 The meals were served and He finished his presentation
at 12:50. The waitress did a very good job serving and
had the bills out by 12:20.

1:00 Closing Ceremony and Prayer

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