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June 2012 minutes

June 9, 2012 minutes

11:00 Meeting called to order by Harlan Green in the absence of our
President Don Bunnell.

The Opening Ceremony was followed by comments by Harlan
on various subjects as follows:
Recognition of Rick Malley and the work he is doing on the
chapter's Web-site.

Treasurer stated that we have $3,053.78 in our account.

The December meeting will be held at Berry Creek Country
Club and wives are welcome also.

Harlan , Scott, Kirkland and Scott attended the Memorial
Day program at the State Cemetery in Austin

JrROTC awards were given this year to 6 schools

11:35 Another excellent program was presented by Lisa Sharit:
"An Update on Camp Mabry". She underscored her area
of work in the Military Museum and the camp's history.

11:45 Lunches were served and enjoyed by all.

12:05 by this time the bills were passed out and paid
all handled by one excellent waitress.

12:20 Lisa finished her presentation followed by the Closing ceremony

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