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July 2013 minutes

July 13, 2013 minutes

President Ray DeVries called the meeting to order. He then read articles entitled "I Am Your Flag" and "Five Things You Can Never Recall". He then read a humorous piece called "The Pastor's Cat".

The pledges to the United States flag, the Texas flag, and the SAR flag were led by Jim Toungate.
Opening prayer was led by Russell Fontenot.

Guests were introduced by Rick Malley.

The minutes of the June meeting were approved.
Treasurer's report was given by President DeVries in the absence of our treasurer, Bill Freeman.

President-elect Jim Scott gave a report regarding the Color Guard's July 3 presentation at Sun City.
He mentioned that many folks were interested in the history of the uniforms.
Tom Northen reported that the Color Guard will be attending and participating in a naturalization ceremony in Austin on Tuesday, July 16. They will participate in another ceremony in September.

President DeVries gave health updates about some of our compatriots.

Secretary Rick Malley told the group about the Alexander Hamilton Facebook page that was newly created yesterday.

At this point, lunch was served and the group recessed.

After lunch, President-elect Jim Scott introduced the Reading Theater of the Robert Livingston Chapter of the Daughters Of The American Revolution. The ladies did a presentation entitled "Patriots in Petticoats".
Each of the seven ladies depicted or told about brave women of the Revolution who provided support, supplies or in some cases who performed physical acts of heroism.
After the program, Mr. Scott presented the ladies with a certificate of appreciation for their fine performance.

President DeVries reminded us of the joint DAR/SAR meeting, in honor of the Constitution Of The United States, to be held on September 21.

Before closing Mr. DeVries left us with a bit of humor "Four Worms In A Jar".

Recessional was led by Jim Toungate
Closing prayer was led by Russell Fontenot

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