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August 2013 minutes

August 10, 2013 minutes

The meeting was held at Mel's All Star Lanes.

President Ray DeVries gave the gavel and read several inspirational words.

Mike Nichols led allegiances to the United States, Texas and SAR flags and worded our opening prayer.

Pledges led by James Scott.

Rick Malley introduced the day's guests.

Minutes from previous meeting were approved with no corrections.

Bill Freeman gave the treasures report.

President DeVries gave a report about the color guard.

President DeVries also reported about an opportunity to stand guard at the tombs of George and Martha Washington. He will send us information about that opportunity at a future time.

President DeVries gave us preliminary information about the join SAR/DAR meeting in Austin in September.

President DeVries told us about the Outstanding History Teacher Award. He will create a committee to look at presenting a nominee.

President-Elect James Scott talked about the bust of George Washington at the Huntington Library.

President DeVries told us about applications that are currently being processed for membership.

At this time the meal was served.

After lunch, President-Elect James Scott intoduced our speaker, Ann Evans who is the curator of the Williamson County Museum. She told us about various exhibits, tours, talks, and forums that the museum hosts.

President-Elect Scott presented Ms. Evans with a memento, in appreciation for coming to speak to us.

President DeVries gave a health update about past Presidents Harlan Green and Don Bunnell.

Secretary Rick Malley requested everyone to make certain that he has their email addresses. He also reminded the group of the Facebook page, and President DeVries reminded everyone of the Sun City site.

Chaplain Mike Nichols closed the meeting with the recessional and benediction

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