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December 2013 minutes

December 14, 2013 minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Ray Devries
He then read information and facts about the Navajo and the "Code Talkers" of World War Two.

Assistant Registrar Harold Walden led the pledges to the Flags of the United States, The State of Texas, and the Sons of The American Revolution.
Chaplain Mike Nichols led the opening prayer

Frank Elrod was included in last month's minutes as having been sworn in as a member. Having noted this, the minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

Treasurer Bill Freeman was not present, having fallen and broken his arm. President DeVries reported that the chapter has in excess of $2500.00 in the treasury.

New member Vaughan Gray was sworn in by President DeVries, assisted by Historian Roger Gore and Registrar Dan Stauffer.
Frank Elrod was presented his certificate at this time.

Registrar Dan Stauffer was presented a certificate by John Knox, from Governor Rick Perry, bestowing upon him the office of Admiral Of The Texas Navy. He was also presented a flag that was flown over the Texas capitol on Texas Independance Day. He was heard to say, as he was being seated "I certainly wasn't expecting this."
John also stated that Mrs. Georgean will be presented as a "Yellow Rose Of Texas" upon her next return to our meetings.

Secretary Rick Malley introduced guests. We had 16 guests and 17 members in attendance.

President DeVries reported about Eagle Scout certificates that will be presented to Scouts who will attain that rank within the next few days.
He also spoke about flag certificates that will be presented to businesses or individuals who properly display the flag.

January's meeting will be January 11, and our guest presenter will be Patrick McCasland.
In February, we will join the DAR on February 22 at the Austin Women's Club for the annual celebration of George Washington's birthday. Guest speaker will be General Palmer.

Mr. Marvin Morgan announced that there will be a National Musket Association meeting in Laredo in February.

Lunch was served at 11:50 a.m.

After lunch, President DeVries read a letter of appreciation, thanking the Color Guard for participating in the Naturalization Ceremony in September.

President Elect James Scott introduced Marvin Morgan and Jeff Wise, who displayed and discussed many variations of Revolutionary uniforms and weaponry.
After their presentation, President Elect Scott presented each with a memento of their visit.

President DeVries read an inspirational poem entitled "Drinking From My Saucer."

Recessional was led by Henry Walden.
Mike Nichols led the closing prayer.

Grateful appreciation is given to Nancy DeVries and Charlene Scott for the cookies and planning the menu for the buffet.

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