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January 2014 minutes

January 11, 2014 minutes

At 11:00 a.m., President Ray DeVries announced "the time has arrived", and called the meeting to order.
He then read an article entitled "Bye Bye SR71 Blackbird".
Russell Fontenot led the pledges to the Flag of The United States of America, the Flag of The State of Texas, and the Flag of the SAR.
Chaplain Mike Nichols led the opening prayer.
Secretary Rick Malley introduced our guests for the day.
Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.
In the absence of Treasurer Bill Freeman, President Ray DeVries gave the treasury report, stating that we have $2161.29 in our account.
President DeVries then presented Adam Nelson with an award for the SAR Essay Contest. In addition, the chapter also presented Adam with a check for $100.00 for his scholarship fund.
President DeVries announced that the chapter would be presenting a Flag Display Certificate to the Oaks at Wildwood HOA on January 29.
President DeVries requested everyone with a uniform to attend.
President-elect James Scott gave a report about the Eagle Scout presentation program. The chapter presented 2 awards in December, and four more will be receiving these awards in the future.
The joint DAR/SAR meeting was announced for February 15, at Austin Women's Club, and anyone wishing to attend should sign up as soon as possible.
After breaking for lunch, President-elect Jim Scott introduced Col. Patrick McCasland, who gave a presentation "Studies In Observation Group Prairie Fire".
After the presentation, Mr. Scott presented Col. McCasland with a memento of his visit.
Russell Fontenot led the SAR Recessional.
Chaplain Mike Nichols closed in prayer.

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