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March 2014 minutes

March 8, 2014 minutes

11:07 a.m. "Hello"
-President Ray DeVries read information about Martha Raye and her Vietnam era USO shows.
-He then read a humorous story about a bagpiper.
- President DeVries let the pledges to the flag of The United States of America, the flag of the State of Texas, and the flag of the Sons Of The American Revolution.
- Frank Elrod opened in prayer.
- Secretary Rick Malley introduced the nine guests.
- President DeVries gave the treasurers report. We have $2083.09 after paying our portion of the joint SAR/DAR meeting in February.
- President DeVries then presented President Elect James Scott, who swore in member Frank Wickstrom (who he learned is his fifth cousin), and Jim Lindsey. He was assisted by Registrar Dan Stauffer.
- Vaughn Gray was presented with his certificate, having been sworn in at our last meeting.
- President DeVries mentioned that there will be information regarding uniforms which will be emailed soon. Also, committees will be formed to help with flag presentations, Eagle Scout presentations, and essay contests. He also mentioned that there has been a request that we participate in forming a genealogy club at Fort Hood.

11:35 a.m. The meeting broke for lunch, and we resumed at 12:05 p.m., with President Elect Scott presenting our speaker, Jesse Villareal, Sr. who discussed "Tejana Patriots of the American Revolution. 1776 - 1783". After the presentation, President Elect Scott thanked Mr. Villareal for his work.
- President DeVries read about a record breaking shot from a British rifle, at more than 1.54 miles.
- He then read about literature from Johnson and Johnson.
- President DeVries led the SAR Recessional.
- Frank Elrod closed in prayer.

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