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April 2014 minutes

April 12, 2014 minutes

President Ray DeVries read an article regarding the Marines.
He then read a "lighter side" article entitled the $2.99 Special

Frank Wickstrom led the pledges to the Flag Of The United States Of America, the Flag Of The State Of Texas, and the Sons Of The American Revolution.

Chaplain Mike Nichols led the opening prayer.

President DeVries informed us that Mr. Dan Stauffer would be 90 years old on April 23, and that he had been presented with the Patriot Award at the State Meeting.

Treasurer Bill Freeman was present at the meeting after having been ill for a couple of months. However, President DeVries gave the treasurer's report, stating that we have $2413.00 in our account.

Sargent At Arms Lane Redwine provided information regarding replica Revolutionary War era uniforms.

President DeVries states that the following committees need to be formed and asked anyone interested to let him know:
- Flag Committee - To present awards to places that properly display the Flag Of The United States.
- Distinguished Service Awards Committee - Presents awards to civil servants.
- Eagle Scouts Committee - James Scott has been working on this effort.
- American History Teacher Awards Committee - Mike Nichols will head this committee.
- Genealogy Club For Wounded Warriors at Ft. Hood
- Color Guard - (he also mentioned that the guard has been invited to a Naturalization Ceremony on May 9, 2014)

President DeVries said that we have had a request from the Children Of The American Revolution, which will meet in Austin, asking for monetary assistance. Our chapter will send $50.00

President DeVries stated that we have received 4 Junior Sons Of The American Revolution applications.

President Elect James Scott offered his help in assisting children and young people to become interested in the Revolution.

At this time, lunch was served.

After lunch, President Elect Scott introduced our own Russell Fontenot who presented "Spanish Influence On The American Revolution: The Military Adventures of Don Bernardo de Galvez."

After his discussion, President Elect Scott presented him with a memento.

President DeVries reminded the color guard of the July 4 Sun City presentations.

He then gave a couple of light hearted stories

Frank Wickstrom led our recessional.

Mike Nichols closed with prayer.

The month of May will be the chapters five year anniversary.

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