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June 2014 minutes

June 14, 2014 minutes

11:05 a.m. President Ray DeVries called the meeting to order
- William Cabanis led the pledges to the flags of the United States Of America, The State Of Texas, and the Sons Of The American Revolution.
- Chaplain Mike Nichols led the opening prayer.
- Secretary Rick Malley introduced our guests.

- Ed Clendenon reported about the AMC television series about the Revolutionary War series "Turn".
- Minutes of the May 2014 meeting were approved.
- President DeVries reports no expenditures during the past month.
- President DeVries reported about the headquarters of The Sons Of The American Revolution moving.
- Historian Roger Gore reported on behalf of the Flag Committee, stating that a presentation will be made at Sun City.
- President DeVries reports that the Color Guard will present the colors at the Independance Day celebration in Sun City, as well as at a small town south of Austin.
- President DeVries stated that a committee person is needed for the Distinguished Service Award Committee.
- He also reported about Eagle Scout awards that have been presented.
- It was reported that JROTC Awards were presented to 8 students at 8 different schools.
- Mike Nichols states that he has sent info packets to 12 different school districts within Williamson County, asking for nominations for the American History Teacher award.
- President DeVries reports that the genealogy group at Fort Hood will begin soon.
- Registrar Harry Walden reports that he has "a lot" of application are pending.
- Sargent At Arms Lane Redwine asks that everyone send him info to place in the membership registry.
- The July meeting will meet in the bar area of the bowling alley, because of a scheduling conflict. President Elect James Scott will preside over the meeting.
- Compatriot Vaughan Gray asked if the State Society has an annual meeting. It was reported that they do indeed, and it is held at a different place each year.


- After lunch, President Elect Scott introduced our speaker, Tom Orton, who gave a lengthy presentation imagining what things would be like if England had won the Revolutionary War.
- Following the presentation, Pres Elect Scott presented Mr. Orton with a memento of his visit with us.
- William Cabanis led the SAR Recessional.
- Chaplain Mike Nichols dismissed the group with prayer.

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