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July 2014 minutes

July 12, 2014 minutes

President Elect James Scott called the meeting to order at 11:15 a.m. with some additional comments regarding June's meeting, and what would it be like if England had won the Revolutionary War.
Compatriot Bill Cabanis led the pledges to the flags of the United States Of America, The State Of Texas, and The Sons Of The American Revolution.
Chaplain Mike Nichols led the opening prayer.
Secretary Rick Malley introduced our guests.
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved by voice vote.
Treasurer Bill Freeman gave the treasurer's report stating that we have $2038.57 in our account.
President-Elect Scott reported that a flag certificate was presented to Heritage Oaks, with President Ray DeVries, President-Elect Scott, and Tom Northen being in attendance in their Revolutionary uniforms.
Mr. Scott mentioned that there had been plans to present a certificate to Sun City, however the manager was out of town at the time, so that will be rescheduled.
Mr. Mike Nichols reported that he has been communicating with area school districts and making them aware of the Outstanding History Teacher Award that can be presented.
He also states that a special citizen's award will be presented in August or September, and that there are expectations of presenting law enforcement certificates as well.
Mr. Scott reported that the Eagle Scout award program will continue when school starts back and the various troops begin their activities again.
He also stated that the JROTC program will continue in the schools as well.
The color guard presented the colors for the Sun City July 4th ceremonies with President Ray DeVries, President-Elect Scott, and Tom Northen doing the honors.
Mr. Northen and Mr. Scott both encouraged all of us to consider purchasing and wearing uniforms to various functions that the color guard is invited to attend.
Mr. Scott told us that the genealogy club at Ft. Hood will be meeting July 25 and August 4 to begin identifying people that are interested in the program.
We were reminded that the September meeting will be our bi-annual joint meeting of the SAR and DAR in Austin. This meeting will be in honor of Constitution Month.
Registrar Harry Walden reported that we have a couple of applications that are completed and waiting approval, as well as other applicants who are in the "gathering" process.
Mr. Scott talked about the membership directory that Lane Redwine is working on.
President-Elect Scott recognized Past-President Don Bunnell's attendance, after having been unable to attend for quite some time.
District 4 SAR Vice President Ron Wolcek let us know that many of the projects we are doing, and awards we are presenting are within the state and national incentives and that the chapter gets "points" for these achievements.
At this point the group broke for lunch.
After lunch, President-Elect James Scott introduced compatriot Vaughan Gray who presented a moving recitation entitled "I Am America".
President-Elect Scott introduced our guest speaker, C. Wayne Dawson, who spoke about "What A Nation Must Fear The Most".
After his presentation, President-Elect Scott presented Mr. Dawson with a memento of his visit with us.
Mr. Scott reminded us to bring our checkbooks to the August meeting, so that we may pay for the joint SAR/DAR September meeting.
August's meeting will feature Allie James, who is the curator of the state capital.
Chaplain Mike Nichols led in prayer.
Compatriot Bill Cabanis led the recessional.

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