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August 2014 minutes

August 9, 2014 minutes

- President Ray DeVries opened with a couple of humorous stories.
- Frank Elrod led the pledges to the flags of The United States Of America, The State Of Texas, and The Sons Of The American Revolution.
- Chaplain Mike Nichols opened with prayer.
- Secretary Rick Malley welcomed our 9 guests and 18 members. Minutes of our previous meeting were approved.
- Treasurer Bill Freeman reported that we have $2031.37 in our account.
- President DeVries, Registrar Henry Walden and Historian Roger Gore inducted new member Dennis Sustare.
- President DeVries states that two flag certificates are ready to be presented to two locations in Sun City. He also asked Roger Gore to check on two other locations.
- President DeVries told us that the EMS Service Award will be presented to Dr. Stephen Benold on Tuesday at the Commissioners' meeting.
- Mike Nichols stated that so far, only GHS has responded to our call for Outstanding History Teacher Award. However, when school is out of session, it is difficult to get a response.
- No new Eagle Scouts are up for promotion at this time. We have had six who have received awards so far this year.
- JROTC will start back at the beginning of the school year.
- September 20 is the joint DAR/SAR meeting in Austin. Alexander Hamilton #66 color guard will be on hand.
- The color guard has been invited to the Naturalization Ceremony at the Delco Center on September 29.
- Ft. Hood wounded soldiers Operation Genealogy Search Club is having to work out some problems for access, since Ft. Hood is an active military post.
- There are numerous SAR membership applications in process.
- Lane Redwine told us that he has had good response on the membership registry. Everyone is requested to provide information for the registry.
- President DeVries informed us that Patrick Henry chapter is having a raffle to raise money for their color guard. Tickets are $10.00 each.
- The Federation of Genealogical Researchers will meet in San Antonio August 27 - 30.

At this time we broke for lunch.

- At noon, President-Elect Jim Scott introduced our speaker, Ali James, who is curator for the Texas State Capital. She told us about many interesting "unknowns" and behind-the-scenes tidbits about the building and some of the articles housed there.
- After her presentation, President-Elect Scott presented her with a memento of her visit.
- President DeVries read a poem about "The Ball".
- Frank Elrod led the recessional.
- Chaplain Nichols closed in prayer.

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