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October 2014 minutes

October 11, 2014 minutes

- President Ray DeVries began with stories about a Marine jet and a police radar in Kingsville, TX, and another about Moe Berg.
- Pledges to the Flag of The United States of America, the Flag of The State of Texas, and the Flag of the Sons Of The American Revolution were led by Frank Wickstrom.
- Chaplain Mike Nichols led the invocation.
- Bill Freeman gave our treasurer's report, stating that we have $1920.21 in our coffers.
- New member Jeff Fleece was sworn in by President Ray DeVries, Registrar Henry Walden and Historian Roger Gore.
- Dennis Sustare was also presented with his certificate of membership, because it had not arrived in time for our previous meeting.
- Secretary Rick Malley introduced our 4 guests and announced that we had 19 members present.
- Past President Harlan Green presented Nominating Committee recommendations for 2015 - 2017. They are
President: Jim Scott
President Elect: Lane Redwine
Secretary: Rick Malley
Treasurer: Bill Freeman
Registrar: Harry Walden
Historian: Roger Gore
Chaplain: William Towery
Sergeant At Arms: Frank Wickstrom
Election will occur at the November 8, 2014 meeting.

- Roger Gore told us about locations that have been nominated for flag presentations. They are: all fire stations in Georgetown, Chik-Fil-A in Wolf Ranch, and What-A-Burger D. B. Wood Road.
- There have been no ROTC awards since school has started back.
- President Elect Jim Scott is working with a Boy Scout troop, locally, for an Eagle Scout award.
- President DeVries told about Color Guard activities at the joint DAR/SAR meeting, as well as at the Naturalization Ceremony at the Delco Center, in September.
- Fort Hood genealogy club (Operation Ancestry Search) training is about to begin. Will Else made a motion, with Mike Nichols and others seconding, that our chapter should pay the Internet transmission cost once every three months, for this effort. Motion carried with no opposition.
- Registrar Harry Walden stated that he has five applications that are ready to submit, and a sixth that has issues that need to be worked out.

-We broke for lunch at 11:30 a.m.

- President Elect Jim Scott introduced our speaker John Knox, who told us many different and interesting facts about our flag and it's history. During the course of his presentation, he showed us more than 30 different flags that have been a part of our nation's history, concluding with the current flag that flies over our land.
- After Mr. Knox's program, Mr. Scott presented a memento of his visit.
- Frank Wickstrom led the SAR recessional.
- Chaplain Mike Nichols closed in prayer.

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