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December 2014 minutes

December 13, 2014 minutes

- President Ray DeVries opened with a series of U.S. Marine jokes.

- Sargent At Arms Lane Redwine led pledges to the flag of the United States Of America, the flag of the State Of Texas, and the flag of the Sons Of The American Revolution.

- Chaplain Mike Nichols led the opening prayer.

- Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

- Secretary Rick Malley recognized our guests.

- Treasurer Bill Freeman reported that we have $1469.16 in our account.

- TXSSAR District 4 Vice President Ron Walcik was introduced, and presented the chapter with a NSSAR Patriotism Award.
He then spoke to us about Society "branding", membership (goal 5000 by 2018, recruit, retain, reinstate), create an "elevator speech", and producing a state recruiting video. He asked that all chapters participate in recognizing Vietnam veterans in 2015, which is the 50th anniversary of the beginning of that war.
He noted that the NSSAR Congress will meet in Houston in 2018, and that the state convention will meet there in 2015, to be a "dry run" for some of the ideas and plans for the National meeting.

- Mike Nichols reported about the Law Enforcement Service Award that was presented.

- President DeVries stated that we have presented 8 Flag certificates to different businesses in town.

- Registrar Henry Walden stated that the state registrar has resigned, and a temp has been appointed who will work with us on new applications.

- The Ft. Hood genealogy research group has started, and the next meeting will be January 15. Jim Nelson, of Patrick Henry Chapter, talked about a young lady who was from Angola, who was doing research, and he was able to assist her.

- At this time, lunch was served.

- After lunch, President DeVries maintained that we had planned to honor Past President Harlan Green, to his widow and daughter. However, they have not arrived. And we will honor him, when they come in.

- President DeVries introduced Jim Nelson, President of Patrick Henry Chapter, who spoke words of praise for outgoing president Ray DeVries.

- Mike Nichols presented President DeVries with a 15 year S.A.R. award.

- President DeVries presented incoming officers for installation.

- TXSSAR District 4 Vice President Ron Walcik administered the oath of office for the officers who were present.

- Mr. DeVries spoke words of appreciation to the outgoing officers.
At this Mr. DeVries gave James Scott "the power of the office".

- President Scott praised Past President DeVries for his leadership.

- At this time, Mrs. Green and her daughter Brenda arrived. Past President DeVries presented them with a posthumous Distinguished Service Award Medal and certificate in honor of Past President and Compatriot Harlan Green. Mrs. Green and his daughter both thanked the chapter for the awards.

-President Scott spoke about his friendship and camaraderie with Harlan.

- Incoming President James Scott presented Outgoing President Ray DeVries with Distinguished Service Award, and Chapter Recognition Award.
He then gave a few thoughts about his vision for the chapter.

- President Scott told us that our guest speaker for January will be Alan Gonzalez, who endured many hardships during his military career, and is now a motivational speaker.

- Secretary Rick Malley reminded everyone of end of the year dues, and about the state report, and asked that anyone who has had any type of SAR involvement during the past year, should email him about that involvement.

- Sargent At Arms Redwine led our recessional.

- Mike Nichols closed in prayer.

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