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August 2015 minutes

August 8, 2015 minutes

- President James Scott began with a story about Boudreaux and Thibadeaux.

- He then told us about Robert Morris, a financier, who assisted with financing the funding of the Revolutionary War.

- President James Scott called the meeting to order.

- President-Elect Lane Redwine led the pledges to the flag of the United States of America, the flag of the state of Texas, and Sons of the American Revolution pledge.

- Chaplain William Towery led the opening prayer.

- Secretary Rick Malley introduced our guests.

- Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

- We were reminded of the joint meeting on September 19, 2015 with Patrick Henry Chapter and the Daughters of the American Revolution Society, and that the cost would be $25.00 to attend.

- President Scott encouraged members to visit both the Texas and the National societies web pages.

- President Scott told us that another naturalization ceremony would be held near the end of September.

- He also told us that Patrick Henry Chapter would meet the August 15, and that National President Larry Stevens would be attending.

- We were told that organization dues would increase by $5.00 this year.

- Treasurer Bill Freeman states that we have $1595.23 in the treasury.

- Past-President Ray DeVries told us that, after an initial slow start, the last meeting of Operation Ancestry Search had 12 folks in attendance. He told us of the next dates that OAS would meet, and encouraged members to attend and assist.

- Mike Nichols spoke "a word or two" about some of the awards we have presented. He asked that if we know of someone that should be recognized, let him know. Mr. Scott stated that as we give these awards, the chapter gets "points" on our yearly report.

- Registrar Harry Walden says that he mailed 4 applications a month ago, but hasn't heard anything from them, and is assuming they are OK. He also mailed 4 more recently, and is still waiting on a response. Two supplementals were approved, and two Jr. apps were rejected and will have to be resubmitted.

- Mr. DeVries stated that two Eagle Scout awards would be soon presented.

- The color guard has been asked to participate in a Purple Heart ceremony on September 11, 2015, on Georgetown Square.

-- At this time LUNCH was served.

- Following his presentation to the group, Dr. Joe Spann was presented with a resolution lauding his work with Ebola patients in Liberia. The chapter also presented him with a Bronze Medal of Honor for his work, not only with Ebola, but also for his assistance with U.S. Veterans while he was practicing here in Austin.
After a period of Q&A, Mr. Redwine presented Dr. Spann with a memento of his visit.

- President Scott gave words of appreciation for Dr. Spann's work.

- Chaplain Towery led in prayer.

- President-Elect Redwine led the recessional.

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