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October 2015 minutes

October 13, 2015 minutes

- President James Scott called the meeting to order

- President-elect Lane Redwine led pledges to the flags of the United States of America, The State of Texas, and the Sons of The American Revolution.

- Chaplain William Towery led the opening prayer

- Secretary Rick Malley introduced our 5 guests

- President Scott stated that our guest speaker had a death in the family and we will have a "plan b" program today

- President gave report about the DAR/SAR meeting. Our chapter will host the meeting in February.

- November meeting will be General David Palmer.

- A new Children Of The American Revolution chapter has formed in Georgetown

- President Scott made a Bronze Good Citizen Award presentation to Harry Walden, for American Principles.

- Yearly dues will increase by $5.00 as of November 1, 2015

- Patrick Henry Chapter is forming a Drum and Fife Corp.

- Treasurer Bill Freeman states that we have $1,612.03 in our account

- Past President Ray DeVries stated that during the last Operation Ancestor Search meeting, there were only 3 soldiers and 2 chapter participants. Next meeting is Wednesday, October 28, 2015

- Registrar Walden has a number of applications that have bee sent to state, and he is waiting for replies from those.

- President Scott gave a biographical sketch of Haym Solomon, a Jewish businessman, who helped finance the American Revolution


- After lunch, a video was presented called "Alexander Hamilton and The Idea Of Honor", which portrayed Mr. Hamilton and his ideas on character and honor.

- Following the presentation, the recessional was led by Bill Freeman

- Closing prayer was led by Bill Towery.

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