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November 2015 minutes

November 14, 2015 minutes

- President James Scott called the meeting to order, by invoking a moment of silent prayer for the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks.

- President-elect Lane Redwine led pledges to the flag of the United States of America, the flag of the State of Texas, and the flag of the Sons of The American Revolution.

- Chaplain William Towery led the opening prayer.

- Secretary Rick Malley introduced our guests.

- President Scott presented Mr. Dan Stauffer the Liberty Medal and the Hartsell Stevens Award membership Oakleaf.

- Mr. Stauffer spoke about his Honor Flight trip.

- President Scott gave a brief bio sketch of Salem Poor, who is credited with mortally wounding British Lieutenant Colonel James Abercrombie.

- Mention was made that everyone should have received their annual dues notification by now.

- Our chapter will be hosting the joint DAR/SAR meeting in February.

- We were told of the Knight Essay contest, for students to write about the nation's founders.

- President Scott informed us that compatriot Rufus Overlander passed away.

- Calvin Harrison was inducted into the chapter by Registrar Harold Walden, assisted by President-elect Redwine, and President Scott.

- Mr. Walden spoke about a book he received about Bunker Hill.

- Mr. Walden told us that Sergeant-at-arms Frank Wickstrom recently received a supplemental certificate. Mr. Walden also stated that several applicants have had their checks cashed, which means that their memberships should be approved soon.

- Treasurer Bill Freeman states that we have $2013.03 in our account.

- Past-President Ray DeVries told us that the next Operation Ancestry Search meeting at Ft. Hood will be on the upcoming Wednesday, and that there will be two dates in December.

- We were informed that The Daughters of The Republic Of Texas will have a presentation at our December meeting (more information in the upcoming agenda email).

- President Scott told us that JROTC programs will be coming up in the Spring.

- After lunch, State President Larry Lewis told us about some items of business from the state convention. He then gave a very informative presentation about Revolutionary uniforms. Following his talk, President Scott thanked him for his presentation.

- Closing prayer was led by Mr. Towery.

- Recessional was led by Mr. Redwine.

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