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June 2016 minutes

June 11, 2016 minutes

- Call To Order by President James Scott

- Pledges to the flags of The United States Of America, The State of Texas, and the Sons of The American Revolution were led by Rick Malley

- Opening prayer led by Mike Nichols

- Guests were recognized by Secretary Rick Malley

- Minutes of previous meeting were approved

- President Scott gave a report about Harry Walden, who is still in the hospital at St. David's but is doing better.

- President Scott presented a biographical sketch about Abraham Whipple (1733 - 1819) who sank the first British ship of the Revolution

- President Scott, Historian Roger Gore, and Past President Ray DeVries inducted William Campbell, with Doug Steinke standing in

- District IV Vice President Ron Wolcik gave us info about color guard awards. The Bronze National Color Guard award is given to members who have earned 200 points of service, which usually takes 2 - 3 years. Silver National Color Guard award is given when participants attend 3 national events each year for 3 years, and is awarded by the State after approval by National. Bernardo de Galvez is awarded by the State when participants attend one National event. Silver Galvez medal is given for 3 years active service in the color guard.

** He also stated that National Congress will occur in July.

- It was reported that 8 schools had JROTC awards programs with SAR presentations made at those ceremonies

- Mr. DeVries reported that there were 2 candidates at the previous meeting with 4 volunteers in attendance. Next meeting will be June 22.

- In the absence of Treasurer Bill Freeman, President Scott reported that we have $2027.40 in our account

- Mr. Scott reported that Bianca Ritter will be presenting her Knight Essay essay at National Congress in July

- Mr. Nichols reported that there are currently no upcoming medals to be presented

- Ray DeVries and Mike Nichols are heading up the nominating committee


- Kelley Mathieu gave a presentation of "Seven Deadly Sins And Temptations In Early America"

- SAR Recessional was led by Rick Malley

- Closing prayer was given by Mike Nichols

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