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July 2016 minutes

July 9, 2016 minutes

- Call To Order by President James Scott

- Pledges to the flags of The United States Of America, The State of Texas, and the Sons of The American Revolution were led by Rick Malley

- Opening prayer led by Paul Crown

- Guests were recognized by Secretary Rick Malley.

- President Scott noted that Harry Walden is back with us.

- He also noted that Treasurer Bill Freeman's wife is in the hospital with pneumonia.

- Minutes of previous meeting were approved, with correction regarding the number of volunteers being 4 and soldiers being 2 at the OAS meeting, as reported in last months minutes.

- President Scott presented a list of several facts about the events of the American Revolution.

- Our Treasurer reported that we currently have $2014.97 in the coffers.

- Past President Ray DeVries reported on behalf of Registrar Harry Walden, that because of problems at the district level with the registrar, several applications have been lost.

- Mr. DeVries reported that the number of volunteers was 4 and 4 soldiers at the OAS meeting, and next meeting will be July 13, 2016.

- Mr. DeVries reported that there were 2 candidates at the previous meeting with 4 volunteers in attendance. Next meeting will be June 22.

- Mr. DeVries also reported that the color guard presented the colors at the Round Rock Express game July 3, and they also presented at the Sun City concert last weekend

- Mr. Scott reported that Bianca Ritter is currently at the National Congress to present her Knight Essay essay.

- Mr. Mike Nichols suggested a flag certificate be presented to the San Gabriel Masonic Lodge. He also asked for suggestions for other locations. He also suggested that members recommend individuals who may be eligiblefor Bronze Citizenship Awards

- Mr. Scott said that Williamson Museum curator Mikki Ross would like for members of our chapter to make presentations at schools, in cooperation with the Palace's production of "1776", as well as in commemoration of Constitution Week in September.

- We were also reminded that there will be a joint meeting with the Daughters of The American Revolution in September for Constitution week.

- Mr. Scott once again encouraged members to purchase/make Revolutionary era uniforms and participate in color guard events.

- President Scott made mention that we will be "changing guard" soon. Nominations will be collected until October and will be voted on in November and installed in December

- Ray DeVries recommended the Netflix series called "Turn", which is a historically accurate depiction of the Revolution.

- Mr. Redwine spoke briefly about Sybil Luddingtion Children Of The American Revolution chapter and the fact that they are encouraging members to enroll their children.


- President Elect Lane Redwine gave a presentation of "Pvt Joseph Fowler, From The War Of 1812 To South Texas"

- SAR Recessional was led by Lane Redwine

- Closing prayer was given by Paul Crown

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