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December 2016 Minutes

Alexander Hamilton #66
December 10, 2016
–  President James Scott called the meeting to order
–  President-Elect Lane Redwine led the pledges to the flag of The United States Of America, the flag of The State Of Texas, and of the Sons of The American Revolution.
–  Opening prayer was voiced by compatriot Mike Nichols.
–  Secretary Rick Malley acknowledged our guests and our members.
–  Minutes of the November meeting were approved by voice vote.
–  Compatriot Ray DeVries reported that Operation Ancestry Search meets 1 – 2 times monthly. Dates through September have been scheduled. There are plans to begin going to the Veterans Hospital in Temple to start the program there. Participants will need background fingerprint check and orientation. The goal is to have 4 different people going to each location.
–  Compatriot DeVries reported that several S.A.R. membership applications have been accepted at the national level.
–  Treasurer Bill Freeman reported that we have $1,897.43 in our account.
–  Compatriot Redwine stated that there is no new information to report regarding Children Of The American Revolution.
–  President Scott stated that he appreciates the support that he has been given, and the various roles that people have taken.
–  New Business
  –  Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the following compatriots:
    –  Ray DeVries – OAS, Registrar
    –  Mike Nichols – Flag program
    –  Lane Redwine – Speakers
    –  Bill Freeman – Treasurer
    –  Harry Walden – Registrar
    –  Roger Gore – Historian
    –  Frank Wickstrom – Sargent At Arms
    –  Rick Malley – Secretary
  –  Five year service pins were presented to compatriots Ed Clendenon, Lane Redwine, Wil Else, and Orlin Evans
  –  Compatriot Mike Nichols was presented with a ten year pin.
  –  Compatriot Bill Freeman received a twenty year pin.
  –  For fifty years of service, compatriot Roger Gore received the 50 year pin.
  –  Compatriot Paul Crown was awarded the Alexander Hamilton Medal for contributing $1,000 to the Society for youth programs
–  President Scott talked about the annual report that is submitted each year, that highlights each chapter’s accomplishments and contributions.
–  President Scott gave a biological sketch of President Washington, and mentioned that he threw elaborate Christmas parties, following the many lean, harsh Christmases that he and his soldiers endured for our country.
–  TXSSAR Secretary Drake Peddie, spoke about “Privateers in the American Revolution.”
– President-Elect Redwine presented Secretary Peddie with a token of appreciation for his speech.
– TXSSAR Secretary Drake Peddie installed the roster of officers for the 2017 – 2018 term of office.
       Lane Redwine, President
       Frank Wickstrom, President Elect
       Frank Elrod, Sargent At Arms
       Rick Malley, Secretary
       Roger Gore, Historian
       Darren Hutchinson, Treasurer
       Harry Walden, Registrar
       Paul Crown, Chaplain
L- R: Harry Walden, Frank Elrod, Darren Hutchinson, Paul Crown, Rick Malley, Frank Wickstrom, Lane Redwine, James Scott, Roger Gore, Drake Peddie.
–  President Elect Frank Wickstrom led the SAR recessional
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