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April 2017 Minutes

Alexander Hamilton #66
April 8, 2017
Mel’s All Star Lanes
Georgetown, TX

  • President Lane Redwine called the meeting to order
  • President-Elect Frank Wickstrom led the pledges to the flags of The United States Of America, The State Of Texas, and The Sons Of The American Revolution
  • Chaplain Paul Crown voiced the opening prayer
  • Secretary Rick Malley welcomed our members and recognized our guests
  • President Redwine reported on the health of Registrar Harry Walden, as well as the wife of compatriot Russell Fontenot
  • The minutes of the March 2017 meeting were approved
  • President Redwine, Past President Ray DeVries, and President-Elect Wickstrom inducted new members Glen Gordon Foster and Gordon Gene Foster
  • Treasurer Darren Hutchinson reported that we have $2250.18 in our coffers
  • Compatriot Mike Nichols reported that the color guard presented the colors at the Mayflower Society meeting on March 25
  • Compatriot DeVries reported that Operation Ancestry Search (OAS) has begun going to the VA hospital in Temple to assist with genealogy research. So far they have been there 4 times. In addition at Ft Hood, there have been 3 – 4 soldiers with some repeat meetings. As a result of the efforts of OAS there was a G.I. reunion with his step sister.
  • The color guard has been invited to present the colors at th Purple Heart Society chili cook-off. Volunteers are asked to assist
  • It was reported that Dan Stauffer will turn 93 on April 23. A group picture was taken to send to him (NOTE: Mr Stauffer passed away on Saturday May 6, 2016)
  • Junior ROTC awards ceremonies have begun, and a number of our members will be attending giving our bronze medals to the outstanding cadets for the various schools
  • President Redwine presented biographical sketches for
    Paulser Ingle, patriot ancestor of John H. Ingle
    John Jacob Kimberlin, patriot ancestor of David Kirkland
    Noah Lake, patriot ancestor of Richard Lake
  • LUNCH was served
  • Our guest speaker Martha Hartzog spoke on the topic of “How the ideas embodied in the US Constitution reflect the ideas of the four immigrant groups from Britain who settled the American colonies.”
  • Recessional was led by President-Elect Wickstrom
  • Closing prayer was led by Chaplain Crown.
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