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Dec. 9, 2017 New Compatriot Bob Pope


Sep. 9, 2017 New Compatriot Frank Dawson


Jul. 8, 2017 New Compatriot John Pinkerton


Jun. 10, 2017 New Compatriot M. Cope


May 13, 2017 New Compatriot Allan Husch


Apr. 8, 2017 New Compatriot Wally Penny


Dec. 10, 2016 New Compatriots Steve and John Anderson


Oct. 8, 2016 New Compatriot Taylor Wolfe


Sep. 10, 2016 New Compatriots Jim and James Benton


Aug. 13, 2016 New Compatriot Art Brucks


Jul. 9, 2016 New Compatriot Kevin Hurley


Jun. 11, 2016 New Compatriot Jerry Cope


May 14, 2016 New Compatriot Ned Myers


Feb. 13, 2016 New Compatriots Corey Walker and Family


Feb. 13, 2016 New Compatriots Mike Hutchins and Family


Nov. 14, 2015 New Compatriot Jack Davis


Oct. 11, 2014 New Compatriots Grant and son Hamilton


Jul. 12, 2014 New Compatriot Mike Smith


Nov. 9, 2013 New Compatriots David and Bill Rankin


Sep. 14, 2013 New Compatriot Kevin Jorrey


Jun. 7, 2013 New Compatriots Wehr Family


Apr. 13, 2013 New Compatriot Bill Covington


Dec. 8, 2012 New Compatriot Richard Coffey


Nov. 10, 2012 New Compatriot James Friels


Oct. 13, 2012 New Compatriots Roger and Bob Wehr


Sep. 8, 2012 New Compatriot Dick Lee


Jan. 14, 2012 New Compatriot Don Billings


Nov. 12, 2011 New Compatriot Gary Faletti


Sep. 10, 2011 New Compatriot Claude Hicks

New members are always welcome. Simply stated, prospective members must submit their application with sufficient lineage evidence as to satisfy the State and National Society registrars. The SAR genealogy standards are the same as normally accepted genealogy standards. Vital records and legal documents are the best sources. We encourage you to pursue this process and become our fellow compatriot. For more information, check out the National SAR website and use their Meet SAR > Become a Member > Membership Process tab to overview the application process.

Since the SAR was established, many SAR and DAR members have already undergone this application process. Their lineage to their patriot ancestor(s) has been recorded in the National SAR and DAR databases.  Many times a prospective member can save time and effort by seeking and using a compatriot's Record Copy from the National SAR or DAR libraries. Otherwise, proof of your patriot's service is required.

Society databases can be found online at the National SAR Patriot Records Search website and the National DAR Genealogical Research System website.

All candidates are encouraged to view the following video messages:

  • Texas SAR Past President and National SAR Past President General Edward F. Butler, Sr.'s video; approx 13 min.
  • Texas SAR Past President Bob Cohen's SAR and You video; approx 12 min.

The Texas SAR website has much information. Use their Joining Info tab and their About Texas SAR tab to find several links to Officers, Committees, Interested in Joining, Training Videos, History, Fees, Constitution, Bylaws, etc.!

Research is the accepted genealogy standard. Use the information here to aid your genealogy search to your patriot. Don't let a genealogy roadblock keep you from applying without seeking our Chapter Registrar's assistance! Several past and present Texas SAR members hold leadership positions at the National SAR headquarters. Now is the best time for your Texas SAR membership!


Steps to get started:

  • Contact the Chapter Registrar early in the process, introduce yourself for instructions and questions, and let him assist with your application preparation. His phone and eMail are bothacceptable.
  • See our chapter Home page for our Open Meeting Schedule. Come to our open meetings to meet the registrar and other compatriots.
  • If needed, download the free Adobe Reader to edit your application. Take care with the optional offers as they are not required to complete your application.
  • Save this Texas SAR – Blank Application and Instructions to your hard drive.  Use them as your worksheet while gathering your family lineage, sources and patriot service information.
  • Are you internet savvy? If so, see complete-and-submit-your-sar-application
    • Visit www.sar.org;
    • Using the top blue SAR menu, login to register yourself with a secure account where email and strong password are required;
    • Using the Members Portal, select the My Applications menu on the left, and Start a New Application. Be sure to select Texas SAR and our Arlington Chapter;
    • Continue working on your online application until both you and the Chapter Registrar are satisfied.
    Internet savvy or not, we'll be glad to assist or do it for you if you have difficulties.
  • Use this Application Preparation Checklist. Our chapter Registrar can assist you to get down the right path towards membership!
  • Refer to the National SAR Genealogy Policies and Materials as needed.  Please don't get overwhelmed with the process as the Chapter Registrar is there to assist! He can reference the Application Preparation Manual as needed.
  • If you're being referred by a DAR member, then don't forget the DAR Finder Form to give them their due credit.

Helpful Research Links: