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2012 Chapter Photos

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Don Billings

Jan. 14, 2012, President Ron Carter inducts new Compatriot Don Billings, descendant of Patriot John Barr with Registrar John Anderson assisting.

Bill Covington
CAR Patriot

Jan. 14, 2012, Waxahachie American History Teacher Bill Covington gave a lively presentation with some demonstration on the origin of "Expressions used today that originated in the American Colonial period" and introduces Am Rev Soldier gear to TX CAR member Jacob.


Feb. 4, 2012, Compatriots judging this year's posters.

2012 Officers

Mar. 10, 2012, New Officers: Secretary, Don Billings; Chaplain, David Friels; President, Ron Carter; Registrar, John Anderson; Treasurer, Ray Bommer

Meeting Attendees

Mar. 10, 2012, Attending Membership and Guests of the Texas SAR Arlington Chapter, Standing:
Gary Vigen (guest), Compatriot Ron Carter, Bob Wehr (guest), Compatriot Bob Harris, Compatriot David Friels, Compatriot Don Billings, Compatriot John Anderson, Compatriot Gary Faletti,
Seated: Compatriot Claude Hicks, Roger Wehr (guest), Compatriot Ray Bommer

David Mabry1
David Mabry2

April 14, 2012, Nicholas Jr. High Teacher – David Mabry presented his classroom presentation on the biography of Thomas Jefferson

Claude Hicks as French & Indian Soldier

May 12, 2012, Compatriot Claude Hicks as frontier soldier during the French & Indian War with a Kentucky Long Rifle

Flag Certificate to J.B. Little Elem

May 15, 2012, President Ron Carter presents a Flag Certificate to Beth Anne Woodard, Principle at J.B. Little Elementary Arlington, TX for proper display and care of the American Flag.

Dick Lee's Induction

Sept 8, 2012, President Ron Carter inducts new Compatriot Dick Lee, descendant of Patriot Stephen Lee. Registrar John Anderson assisting.

Roger and Bob Wehr Induction

Oct 13, 2012, Registrar John Anderson welcomes new Compatriots Roger and Bob Wehr, descendants of Patriot Jacob Stambaugh. President Ron Carter inducting.

James Friels Induction

Nov. 10, 2012, Compatriot David Friels assists with the induction of son and new Compatriot James Friels, descendant of Patriot Noah Lankton. President Ron Carter inducting.

Ron Carter at Arlington Genealogical Society

Nov. 13, 2012, President Ron Carter presents the Texas SAR History 2 volume set to the Arlington Genealogical Society who meets at the downtown Arlington Library

President Ron Carter Inducts new Compatriot Richard Coffey

Dec. 8, 2012, President Ron Carter inducts new Compatriot Richard Coffey, descendant of Patriot Capt. Andrew Walker