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Texas Society, C.A.R. Scholarship Essay Contest



Texas SAR scholarships are provided to assist with college expenses to five (5) "Texas Society, Children of the American Revolution" members in good standing for the past 2 years. These scholarships are offered to defray costs for books, tuition, room, and board while attending an accredited college or university.

Chapter Chairman

Compatriot 817-478-6467

2017-2018 Topic

The applicant must submit a typed and grammatically correct essay, 500 words (plus or minus 50 words) on the following topic:

"Who was Alexander Hamilton"



Contestants must be enrolled in an accredited High School (or equivalent program, including Home School) as a sophomore, junior, or senior student; or enrolled in an accredited college or university as a freshman student. There is a four-year window of eligibility for T.S.C.A.R. members to compete in the Texas SAR, CAR Essay Contests. Essay contestants may submit applications and enter contests each year, as long as they meet eligibility criteria.

Eligible members are:


December annually, please contact the Chapter Chairman as needed. See the below Texas SAR link for more scheduling information.



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