Biographical Data of Patriots of
Members of the Boerne Chapter

(Some names have links to more information)

                   Patriot                           Rank                                       Chapter Member

(Cont Line – Continental Line Three year enlistment)



                         Joseph C. Lyon                          Private (Cont Line)                                    John Weir





                         James Nelson                          Private (Militia)                                    Harry Dell

New Jersey


North Carolina

                        James Blair (speedy rider)         Colonel (NC Militia)                          Ray E. Walls



                        George Lohr                              Captain (Militia)                                   Harry Long
                         John Jacob Menges                 Private (Militia)                                    Harry Long
                         Michael Zimmerman                Private (Militia)                                    Harry Long
                         Thomas Nichols                        Private                                                  Jay Reissig

Rhode Island


South Carolina

                        Samuel Agnew                         Private (Militia)                                      Ray E. Walls

                        William Beal                            Captain (Militia)                                     Ray E. Walls

                        James Williams                       Brig Gen (Militia)                                   Ray E. Walls

                                                                        (Gov Rutledge promoted him to Brig Gen days before

                                                                        he fell at the Battle of Kings Mountain)
                        Mrs. Mary Wallace Williams  Patriotic Service                                      Ray E. Walls
                                                                          (wife of BGen James Williams"



                        Nash Glidewell                         Private (10th Virginia)                           Steve Locker
Charles Cooper                        Private (6th Cont Line)                          Ray E. Walls
                        Rueben Cooper, Sr.                 Private (6th Cont Line)                          Ray E. Walls

                        Henry Harless, Sr.                   Private (Militia)                                     Ray E. Walls

                        Aaron Terrell                            Private (10th Cont Line)                        Ray E. Walls

                        John Wall, Sr.                           Private (Militia)                                     Ray E. Walls

                        Adam Wall                                Lieutenant (Militia)                               Ray E. Walls

                        Conrad Wall                              Private (Militia)                                    Ray E. Walls
                        William Crutcher                      Private (Militia)                                    Joe Ware
                        Thomas Coppedge                    Private (Militia)                                    Joe Ware

                        William Cheatwood                   Material Support                                  Joe Ware
                        James Dillard                            Capt (10th Cont Line)                           Joe Ware
                        Jones Gill                                  Private (Militia)                                    Joe Ware
                        Thomas Jones                           Lt  (Militia)                                           Joe Ware
                        George McDanial                     Sgt (Militia)                                          Joe Ware
                        Ambrose Rucker                       Lt Col (Militia)                                     Joe Ware
                        Rueben Rucker                         Private (Militia)                                    Joe Ware
                        William Ware                            Capt (Militia)                                        Joe Ware
                        Caleb Watts                              Private (Militia)                                    Joe Ware
                        John Primm                               Private                                                   Dennis James
                        William Mavity                         Private                                                   Ron Reisinger

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