Rev.3, Sept 09)




Application for membership in TXSSAR and NSSAR shall be made through this Chapter and sponsored by two members of this Chapter in good standing. Procedures for membership outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws of the NSSAR and the TXSSAR shall control.


The expulsion of any member from this Chapter will require that the same procedures and rules outlined in Article X of the TXSSAR Constitution be followed.




The National and State Societies establish initiation fees and annual dues. Dues are invoiced and collected in accordance with TXSSAR policy. The TXSSAR returns portions of the funds collected to the Chapter to defray operating expenses of the Chapter.








The President will be the official executive officer of the Chapter, and will be responsible for calling and conducting meetings; appoint the Chairman and members and be member ex‑officio of ALL committees; be responsible for the budget; represent the Chapter in public; preside at Chapter Board of Managers' meetings; maintain general supervision over the affairs and business of the Chapter and is responsible for all assets of the Chapter. The President shall be responsible for implementation of all motions approved by a quorum of the membership at a regularly noticed meeting. The President shall be authorized to spend up to $75 without prior approval of the membership. The President, in the absence or incapacity of the Treasurer, is authorized to sign checks.




The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, assume the duties of the President's Office and shall be Cochairman of the Programs Committee.







Provided there are sufficient chapter members available and willing to be a separate Secretary and to be a separate Treasurer, the office of Secretary /Treasurer may be separated in any fiscal year. The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the official records of the Chapter; record the minutes of all meetings in a neat and legible manner; keeping the register of all members and advise State/National of the membership; maintain a membership roster which will include deaths, transfers, dual memberships, dues payments, delinquencies; notification of all meetings; conducting the correspondence of the Chapter, and in the absence of the President and Vice-President shall preside over the Chapter meeting. The Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting, safekeeping, and depositing all funds of the Chapter; disbursing funds only with the prior approval of the President; filing the required state and/or federal tax reporting; maintaining the financial records in ready form for an audit at any time and shall be Chairman of the Budget Committee.




In the event that there are insufficient applications to the nominating committee or from the floor for any of the elected positions of registrar, chaplain, chancellor and historian, the vacant positions may be appointed by the elected president after taking office, for the duration of his term.




The Registrar shall assist potential applicants with genealogical research as requested, shall confirm that two chapter members have sponsored the applicant, shall keep the board of managers informed of potential new applicants and the registrar or the primary sponsor shall forward the required application copies and related documentation to the State Registrar. If forwarded by the sponsor, the sponsor shall provide a copy of the application for the registrarís files. The Registrar shall maintain records of all applications received, dates of receipt and approvals, and results of interim actions ending in final approval of the memberships; and maintain a copy of each individual memberís record application, NSSAR Number and TXSSAR number and coordinate approved membership with other Chapter officers.All new applicants shall submit their application through the chapter to the state society.




The Chaplain shall assist in meetings by being prepared to offer an invocation and a benediction, proper on such occasions; the "friendship" Chairman of the Chapter, making every effort to stay informed of the health, illness, birthday, wedding anniversary, hospitalization, death or misfortunes of Chapter members and their families; respond with appropriate expressions that will evidence the Chapter's concern; and visit with each new member, answer any questions concerning the SAR and generally make the new member welcome into the Chapter.




The Chancellor shall be an attorney at law and it shall be his duty to give opinions on legal matters affecting the Chapter when such questions are referred to him by the President. He shall also act as the Parliamentarian interpreting Roberts Rules of Order at all meetings of the chapter and the Board of Managers.




Provided there are sufficient willing members to staff a separate Historian position, the Historian shall be an elected office and serve on the CBOM. Otherwise, the duties of Historian shall reside with the Secretary who may delegate the tasks to any member of the chapter who is willing to provide help to the Secretary.




The Chapter Board of Managers (CBOM) is an executive function that manages the affairs of the Chapter between regularly scheduled membership meetings. It has no legislative powers. It may not change chapter policy or practice without an approved motion of the quorum of the membership at a regularly noticed meeting. The CBOM shall, within the guidelines established by approved motions of a quorum of the members at a regular meeting of the chapter, have charge of and manage the business and affairs of the Chapter; prepare a budget to allocate monies for desired programs and activities; and after approval of the budget by a quorum of the membership at a regular noticed meeting, be responsible for subsequent management and performance against that budget. The CBOM may plan meetings, events and other activities of the chapter for presentation to the membership for approval. It may take emergency action to prevent damage to the chapter, provided it then reports to the chapter membership at the next regular meeting of the membership and receives ratification of the actions.


The President and other elected officers, plus the immediate Past President and any others so selected by the President shall comprise the Chapter Board of Managers and shall meet at such frequency as called for by the President.While the CBOM may include a number of appointed and visiting members, and the appointed and visiting members may be polled by the President for their opinions, only the elected officers and the immediate Past President may initiate and vote on CBOM decision motions presented at the CBOM. The treasury records shall be audited whenever there is a change in treasurer prior to transfer of the treasury records to the newly installed treasurer or every year prior to the February meeting and the audit report shall be presented at the February meeting. The President shall select the audit committee or auditor.





Chapter officers and members are entitled to wear any of the various medals of the Society as prescribed by pertinent regulations of the NSSAR. All insignia shall be purchased by the member and shall not be for the Chapter's account except for the SAR rosette which is given to each new member as part of the ceremony welcoming him into the Chapter membership and any medals given to the officers and members by the President or the Chapter Board of Managers for services performed for the Chapter.




These Bylaws may be amended at any regular business meeting of the Chapter by a three fifths vote of the members present, provided that a quorum exists and further provided that the said amendment was proposed at the preceding regular business meeting.