Drake Peddie, Wendell Edwards, Jim Johnson, Don Sielert, Don Babbs, Howard Roach, Jack Hughes and John Greer presented a program on Revolutionary Flags at the CLC (living center) at the Bonham Veterans facility in Bonham, Texas on April 18, 2012.

(left) Flags of the Revolutionary War are standing behind the speaker. (right) Benjamin Franklin designed this flag several years before the war began. It encouraged the thirteen independent English colonies to band together.

(left) The Revolutionary standard: The Gadsden flag. Other rattlesnake flags were widely used during the American Revolution. There was no standard American flag at the time. People were free to choose their own banners. (right) Compatriot Jim Johnson sketches a speaker into his notebook.

(left) Howard Roach showed the famous "Brown Bess" musket which was widely used by troops on both sides of the Revolutionary War. (right) George Washington's personal flag had six pointed stars. Photos from Ann Sielert.