Wosar Ann Sielert said "Today was a bittersweet day--good for the soldiers but sad for those of us who have greeted and welcomed them home for the past 5 years. Don and I have been doing it that long. These events were very important to us, and we felt it was the least we could do for them as they protected us and our great country. God bless Donna Cranston and Linda Robinson for starting the program in 2004. What a wonderful welcome home these 240 soldiers got on the last R & R flight into DFW. There were over 1000 people there to greet them. And to our surprise, three of our members were very visible on the front page of the Dallas Morning News this morning."

(left) More practicing by the police and firefighters before the troop arrival. Directly behind the podium is our state representative Sam Johnson who was also a 7 year prisoner during the Viet Nam war.
(right) View of the crowds patiently waiting for the plane to arrive. There were over 1000 people present.
All photos by Ann Sielert, official Plano Color Guard photographer.

(left) Lots of people wanted to be photographed with the SAR folks in uniform.
(right) Compatriots Harvey Vrooman, Dick Arnold, Don Sielert, Tony Day, Don Babbs and Dan Reed. talked with a wonderful vet of World War II and Korea. Such an honor to visit with him. Very few of them left.

(left) The huge crowd of greeters were shoulder to shoulder. (right) A Welcome Home cake.

The returning soldiers walked through the crowd of cheering greeters.