Birth of Freedom Symbolism

There are thirteen symbols symbolizing the thirteen original colonies:

1. Eagle symbolizes the American Nation (top, center)

2. Shield and motto symbolizes unity (top , center under eagle)

3. Bell symbolizes Liberty (top left)

4. U. S. A. (hidden in crown)

5. Crown and "GR" symbol of King George III (top left next to bell)

6. Gustavus, code name for Benedict Arnold ( behind Washington's right shoulder)

7. George Washington (center, under eagle)

8. Six Pointed Star used in George Washington's standard (upper right)

9. Thomas Jefferson lower left)

10. "13" (Jefferson's left shoulder)

11. Independence Hall symbol of Freedom (below Washington)

12. Butterflies and Flowers design from Boston Tea Party casks (lower right)

13. Benjamin Franklin (right, above butterflies)