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Adair, John Private, Continental Line DE
Admire, George Patriotic Services NC
Alderson, Curtis Soldier, Civil Service VA
Anderson, William Private  KY/VA
Bedford, Thomas Private CT
Benedict, Silas Private CT
Bent, Silas Lieutenant MA
Bledsoe, Miller Private, Continental Line VA
Boone, Jesse                                                              Provided Services NC
Bozeman, Peter                                                                     Private, Continental Line SC
Brister/Bristol, Thompson Patriotic Services VA
Bristol, Gideon                                                              Corporal, Militia CT
Burleson, Aaron Oath of Allegiance NC
Burson, Isaac Soldier SC
Caswell, Richard Colonel, Governor NC
Clardy, Michael Patriotic Services VA
Conover, Garret Private NJ
Corn, John
Cunningham, John
Daniel, John
Daniel, Woodson
Davenport, William                                                                        Private, Militia NC
Dickson, David Captain SC/GA
Dodson, Elisha Ensign VA
Drury, Ebenezer
Drury, Zedekiah
Easterling, Sr., James
Fisk, Peter Private MA
Fitzgerald, John Patriotic Services VA
Flitner, Zacharias Sergeant, Staff Officer MA
Ham, John Private SC
Harper, John Lieutenant   MA
Hatch, Samuel VT
Havell, Phillip
Hawkins, Frederick Lieutenant NC
Hays, James
Hightower, Thomas Private VA
Howell, Phillip Private NC
Huntley, Thomas Private, Furnished Supplies  NC
Huntoon, Thomas Private  NH
Kennard, John Private SC
Landrum, Zachariah Patriotic Services GA
Livingston, Henry Private VA
Maddox, Valentine Patriotic Services VA
Mayo, Jacob Patriotic Services VA
Mayo, Joseph
McBride, James  TN
McLeroy, William Civil Service NC
McLeroy, Rueben Private, Militia  NC
McSpedden, Thomas
Medearis, John Captain, Continental Line  NC
Morrill, William Sergeant  NH
Pace, William Sergeant, Continental Line VA
Pipes, John
Pipkin, Stephen
Polk, Ezekiel Lt.  Col., Militia SC
Price, Benjamin Captain, Militia MD
Reynolds, Hamilton Soldier GA
Ridenour, Mathias     Patriotic Services MD
Rudisill, Michael                                                            Furnished Supplies, Militia NC
Shelby, Moses Civil Service NC
Shelby, Thomas Private NC
Shields, John Major, Militia GA
Sparks, George Patriotic Services VA
Sparks, Walter Soldier VA/PA
Stroud Jr.,  Lutson                                                                       Corporal, Militia NC
Taliaferro, Dr. John Captain VA
Taliaferro, Richard Soldier VA
Thomas, Owen
Tipps, Jacob                                                                       Private, Militia NC
Tuttle, Lucius                                                             Lieutenant, Militia CT
Wade, Ballinger Patriotic Services VA
Wilbanks, William  SC
Wiles, George
Windham, Amos
Wingfield, Nathan
Wiseman, William                                               Furnished Supplies NC
Woodson, Rene
Yancey, Mary Furnished Beef VA
Yancey, William Committee of Safety NC