East Fork - Trinity Chapter #47

Texas Society

Sons of the American Revolution

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I find information concerning the new membership process?

    A: See our Joining Info webpage or contact our chapter Registrar.

  2. Where do I obtain the software needed to enter and maintain a new SAR application?

    A: Get the Free Adobe Reader for PDFs. Take care with their optional offers, as those are not required. The blank application can be found on our docs webpage. Having difficulties accessing or reading the blank application? Contact our Registrar for assistance.

  3. How and when should I pay the annual dues?

    A: The Texas SAR Treasurer sends a "Dues Invoice" to the last known mailing address in late November annually. If you've previously chosen the Perpetual Membership option, that Invoice should be indicated as "Perpetual Membership Applied". Please timely remit (by the end of year) by US mail or online at Online Dues & Donations. A late payment is better than no payment.

  4. How do I report a broken web link or report a website technical problem?

    A: Contact our Web Admin.

  5. I have a Texas SAR organizational question?

    A: Contact one of our chapter Officers, preferrably the President or Secretary.