Chapter History

East Fork - Trinity Chapter #47

Texas Society

Sons of the American Revolution

Chapter History




July 9, 1992  The first organizational meeting was held to discuss the proposed Garland area chapter of the Texas Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.  Delbert Fowler served as the moderator.


November 14, 1992  The resolution was passed at the state level granting a new chapter in the Garland, Texas area.


On December 9, 1992 A letter was sent by Compatriot Jim Looney, District VI Vice President, to Mayor Bob Smith of Garland, Texas informing him that a chapter presentation ceremony was scheduled for January 16, 1993 (see the Charter).

Mayor Smith responded by proclaiming 16 January, 1993 as: East Fork - Trinity Chapter #47 of the Texas Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Day. January 16, 1993 The chapter was certified, making East Fork - Trinity the 47th chapter in Texas. Delora Lewis was elected the chapter's first president.    



Presidents, past and present

Delora Lewis 1993
Ray Burton 1994
E. C. Harris 1995
James Duty 1996
Jimmy Deford 1997
William Hallmark, Sr.1998
Delora Lewis 1999
Bill Bellomy 2000, 2001
Tom Hill 2002, 2003
David Hill 2004, 2005
Charles Windham 2006
Harmon Adair 2007
Delora Lewis 2008
Dr. Allen Christian 2009
Harmon Adair 2010
Paul Ridenour 2011
Walt Thomas 2012
Dr. Montie Monzingo 2013
Gary Lovell 2014, 2015
Gary Snowden 2016, 2017
Leslie Anderson 2018

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