Purpose of the Texas SAR Ladies Auxiliary


The Ladies Auxiliary of the Sons of the American Revolution was founded in California in 1984.  In 2003 The National Ladies Auxiliary of the Sons of the American Revolution became a subordinate of the NSSAR with State organizations in California, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Ohio, and a group of members at large who lived in States without a Ladies Auxiliary.  In February 2004 the Texas Ladies Auxiliary was formed.

The purpose of the Texas Auxiliary is to maintain an association of eligible ladies who are interested in the patriotic, historical, and educational objectives and purposes of the Texas Society of the Sons of the American Revolution or Texas SAR, to foster fellowship among relatives of Texas SAR members, to be of help to Texas SAR and its chapters when asked, and to help further the objectives and patriotic activities of the Society.

The Auxiliary meets at the two yearly Texas SAR Board of Managers meetings and the Annual State Meeting.  The dues are five dollars ($5.00) a year.  A Life Membership is also available for a one time contribution of $100.00.  A State Auxiliary pin may be purchased for $10.00.  Members of LATXSSAR are automatically members of the National Ladies Auxiliary.


Auxiliary Pledge:

We the Ladies Auxiliary Sons of the American Revolution carry the weight of tradition, and the love of Country and liberty.  We believe in the Constitution and recognize the sacrifices of our forefathers.  We give our blessing for peace, liberty and pledge our devotion to the United States of America.


Auxiliary Recessional:

We shall be faithful and summon all citizens to walk in the way of our forefathers and to honor this great nation.  We go with peace of heart and the safety of God’s blessing.



Membership in LATXSSAR is open to those ladies who are legally related to a Sons of the American Revolution member in good standing; that is, wives, mothers, grandmothers, widows, sisters, daughters, nieces, aunts, granddaughters, etc.