Wosar Ann Sielert who photographed the event sends her "GREETINGS FELLOW SAR MEMBERS!"

"First of all, what a lovely day weather wise we had and a nice turnout to see all the SAR guys toys! We had a large group of SAR Color Guard members present. The public appeared to be very interested in all the items that were brought to show, and they asked a lot of questions. The SMU staff who ran and planned the program were very helpful, and available to get anything we needed."

"Could have used some "period" duct tape to keep the flags upright. There was just enough of a breeze to blow them over frequently! And Bill Neisel will be scheduled soon for a remedial class on "HOW TO PUT A FLAG POLE TOGETHER."

"Let's just say that a good time was had by all and the exhibit in the Library is awesome. How fortunate we are to be able to see this important piece of history as it travels around the country to all the past President's Libraries. It just so happened that President George W. Bush's Library was already booked full of events, so the SMU Library and Gallery came to the rescue. Thanks so much to SMU for their generosity."

(photo above) A group shot of all the SAR Color Guardsmen who attended in uniform They represented the Plano, Dallas, East Fork Trinity, McKinney, Ambassador Fletcher Warren, Denton and Arlington Chapters plus adult and children volunteers.

Here is Compatriot Dan Reed's slide show presentation of Ann Sielert's photos.

(photo right) The Plano, Dallas, and East Fork of the Trinity guys--Left to right>>John Greer, Robert Kittrell, Don Sielert, Bill Neisel, Dennis De Atley, the pony, Perino, Walt Thomas, Tom Whitelock, and Chuck Sprague.

A good view of the spinning wheel demonstration. It worked well and is a replica.

View of visitors and reenactors at the event.

Our thanks to Wosar Ann Sielert who took some 50 photos of the event.