A meeting of the McKinney Chapter of the Texas SAR board members meet on January 31, 2008 at 7:30 P. M. at the home of William K. Walker. The meeting was called to order by President Milton Lentz. The following board members were present: President Milton Lentz, Vice-President Pete McLellan, Secretary-Treasurer Billy Thompson, and Registrar William Walker.

A discussion was held concerning the chapter making a contribution to the USO World Headquarters to help the USO provide services to our US Troops. A motion was made and passed that the chapter would make a contribution of $50 to this organization. Secretary-Treasurer Billy Thompson was instructed to process and mail a check for the above amount.

A discussion on Flag Retirement ceremonies was held. It was decided that this event would take place at our regular monthly meeting in the month of May 2008.

The board discussed Color Guards. They discussed how the members could be involved in many activities of the chapter and the color guard uniforms were discussed.

The VA Hospital activities were discussed. A Chapter trip to the VA Hospital was discussed with the possibility of purchasing phone cards to be given out to people at the hospital. It was discussed that this activity could be done on Veterans Day.

The next items of discussion were the monthly programs for each month of 2008.
February - The possibility of having Joe Jaynes from Collin County Commission Court to be the guest speaker.
March - The possibility of having Jack Rivel from Dallas County.
April - Kathy Gregory from the VA Hospital.
May - Flag Retirement program with a hamburger cook out at one of the city parks.
June - Five minute presentation by each member of the chapter concerning their ancestry.
September - Meet and greet the troops at DFW.
October - Gold Star Flag presentation to a Mother of a fallen solider.
November - DAR/SAR combination meeting.
December - Collin County (Collin McKinney)

The McKinney Ladies Auxiliary was discussed. It was decided that the members present on February 14, 2008 that were not present on January 10 will be asked for donations. After this collection is made, then the chapter will make a contribution of the difference in the collection and $100. This money will go towards the purchase of a conference table to be placed in the National Headquarters of SAR.

The board members discussed the purchase of a banner to be used in the parades that the SAR members are in. A price will be secured before the purchase is made.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.