McKinney Chapter # 63 of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
Revision: A, Date: 5/23/2003

A. Application for membership must be made in writing to the Secretary on the form authorized by NSSAR, and submitted in two typed copies with all needed documentation and a check in the proper amount for the initiation fee. An applicant may be invited to participate as a guest pending final approval of his application by the TXSSAR and NSSAR authorities. The applicant shall become a member of the Chapter after favorable report by the registrar of the approval of the application by the TXSSAR and NSSAR, and approval by the Chapter membership.
B. The annual chapter dues as set from time to time by the Executive Board and together with the NSSAR and TXSSAR dues, shall be payable directly to the TXSSAR Treasurer on or before the last day of December of each year.
C. If any member shall fail to pay his annual dues for one year, the Executive Board may, at its discretion, drop his name from the list of members.
D. A member may resign if his dues are paid in full by notifying the secretary in writing.

A. The Chapter shall meet monthly as announced.
B. The annual meeting of the chapter will be held on the second Thursday of January at which officers will be installed.
C. Special meetings of the Chapter may be called at the request of five members or by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

A. The election of officers shall occur at the December meeting.
B. Officers will be installed during the January meeting.
C. Officers shall hold office for one calendar year.
D. In case of the death, disability, or resignation of any officer, the Executive Board shall have the power to elect a successor to fill the remaining term of office.

The President or in his absence the First Vice-President, shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter. He shall appoint all standing committees and perform such other duties as pertain to his office.

The First Vice-President shall be chairman of the Program Committee and shall be responsible for arrangements for all programs at all regular meetings of the Chapter. In the absence or disability of the President, he shall preside at the meetings of the Chapter.

The Second Vice-President shall be chairman of the Awards Committee and shall be responsible for the Americanism Programs be responsible for obtaining of medals and awards for the Chapter, and preparation of all certificates. He shall, in addition, provide a list of awards to the chapter president to be used in preparing reports and the Historian for inclusion in the Chapter Archives.

The Secretary shall:
A. Record the minutes of all meetings of the Chapter and provide a copy of such minutes to the President as soon as possible following each meeting.
B. Give due notice to all members of the time and place of all meetings of the Chapter and of the Executive Board.
C. Maintain a correct list of the members, their addresses, and dates of admission to the Chapter, resignation or other termination of membership.
D. Advise State and/or National headquarters about membership and notify said headquarters after each election of officers.
E. Initiate and handle the official correspondence of the Chapter, ~ both internal and external.
F. Maintain the true Constitution and Bylaws of the Chapter, with the date of Chapter Approval, and signed by the President. All amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws shall be maintained as a historical record in the Secretary's file. The Secretary shall perform such other duties as may be directed by the President or the Executive Board.

The Treasurer shall have the custody of all moneys of the Chapter and shall collect all the moneys due to the Chapter and shall deposit them to the credit of the Chapter in a depository bank, selected by a majority vote of the Executive Board. No check shall ever be signed in blank and the Treasurer shall sign all checks or an alternate designated by the President of the Chapter, and whose signature is on file at the designated depository.

F. CHAPLAIN The Chaplain shall be responsible for the spiritual welfare of the Chapter. His duties shall include the provision of opening and closing prayers at each meeting, the preparation and dispatch of all memorial resolutions and letters of condolence on behalf of the Chapter, and presiding over the necrology service at the Annual Meeting.

The Registrar shall be chairman of the Membership Committee. The Registrar shall review all original and supplemental application papers for completeness and accuracy, and approve them before submission to the State Registrar. A copy of all original and supplemental application papers must be filed with the Chapter Secretary.

The Historian shall maintain a record of the activities of the Chapter and its members. His duties shall include the maintenance of a scrapbook containing the photos, clippings, and other relics of such activities for presentation to the State and National Society conventions, as well as the maintenance of such archives as the Chapter might require.

The Sergeant-at-Arms shall be responsible for the maintenance of order at all meetings of the Chapter, subject to the instructions of the President. The Sergeant-at-Arms is also responsible for the maintenance and placement of all flags at Chapter meetings and activities.

The President shall appoint such committees as shall be directed by the Chapter or the Executive Board or as he may deem necessary.

The Membership Committee shall serve as the first contact with a prospective member of SAR. The committee shall provide information about NSSAR, TXSSAR, and the Chapter and answer any other questions of the applicant. The committee shall provide the necessary Yellow Worksheet and formal SAR application for the applicant to complete and instruct the applicant to collect all required support documents. The Membership Committee shall act as sponsors of the applicant if no SAR member, in good standing, is standing as sponsor. The committee shall work closely with the Registrar on behalf of the applicants. The Membership Committee shall also serve as the Chapter "telephone committee" to contact the current members and remind them of meetings and special activities planned by the Chapter. The committee shall advise the President of any members that are in ill health. Working closely with the Program Chairman the committee shall provide feed back from the members about current and requested programs and activities.
B. FINANCE COMMITTEE The Finance Committee shall examine the financial condition of the Chapter and suggest ways and means of increasing its revenues and of limiting its expenses and report its findings to the President and the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall furnish the committee with such information, as it shall desire. The Treasurer shall not be a member of the Finance Committee, but may attend meetings of that committee when invited to do so.
C. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE The Publicity Committee shall have the objective of attracting the interest of men who are eligible for membership. The committee shall seek the cooperation of newspapers, radio and television stations to reach that audience. The committee shall also provide the State and National SAR news publications articles about the growth and activities of the Chapter. The committee shall work closely with the Program and Membership chairmen to coordinate activities and information about the Chapter.
D. PROGRAM COMMITTEE The Program Committee will assist the first vice president in obtaining speakers or other types of programs for the Chapter. At least half the meetings should feature historical or patriotic themes.
E. AWARDS COMMITTEE The Awards Committee will assist the second vice president seek out individuals and/or organizations deserving commendations for distinguished service to the community. The awards available are described in the NSSAR manual.

A quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of those members present at a meeting. A quorum for the transaction of business of the Executive Board shall include Chapter members who are not members thereof by the virtue of being past presidents.

A. No member or officer shall commit Chapter funds for any project, contract or agreement without prior approval of the Executive Board and Chapter in a regular or called meeting.
B. Before payment by the Treasurer, all invoices are required to have signature approval, by the President, or First Vice President in the absence or disability of the President.
C. All contracts or agreements made in behalf of the Chapter must be signed by the President, or First Vice President in the absence or disability of the President.

An auditor shall be appointed by the President prior to the Annual Meeting to audit the books of the Treasurer. The auditor's report shall be made at the Annual Meeting of the Members, prior to the installation of new officers.

A. The nominating committee shall consist of the Immediate Past President and two former Presidents. If two former presidents are not available, the Immediate Past President shall appoint a member or members in good standing to the committee.
B. The committee shall be formed in September and make their selections in October. The committee's recommendations will be presented to the membership at the November meeting. Additional nominations may also be made at this time by a member in attendance and in good standing.
C. Election of officers shall occur during the December meeting.
D. Elected officers will receive the Oath of Office and take office on the first of January of the succeeding year.

These Bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the Chapter by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided that notice of such intended amendment be given at the previous regular scheduled meeting and said notice is published in the preceding monthly newsletter.