November 17, 2005

A meeting of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter, S. A. R., was held at 7 PM Thursday, November 17th, 2005 at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Lufkin, Texas. Members and guests arrived after 6 PM to eat prior to the meeting.

Members attending were: Fred Jacobs, Fred Preston,  J. Neal Naranjo, Vance Roberts, Lester Sparks and Fred Hutson. Members then introduced their guests which  were Honora Jacobs, Betty Preston, Charlie Hamilton, Stella Frances Naranjo, Jasper Lee, Sue Roberts, Mildred Sparks and Agnes Hutson..  In total there were 6 members and 8 guests. Jasper Lee is a  prospective member.

President Fred Preston called the meeting to order and Lester Sparks gave the invocation. Fred Preston led the assemblage in the pledge to the U.S. Flag and the SAR Flag all standing and in unison.

Preston asked for a motion to accept the September minutes which were emailed and displayed on our web site.  Fred Jacobs made the motion and Neal Naranjo seconded.  The motion carried. 

Treasurer, Jeff Corbett, was absent but called in the balance.  He reported that we had $332.82 in our checking account and our CD was worth $6,603.32.  The CD was renewed on 7/7/05 @ 3.2% interest. This is essentially unchanged since the last meeting.

Under Old Business, Preston reported that letters had been mailed to 16 eligible Eagle Scouts to encourage them to participate in the SAR Scholarship and Recognition program.   To date, two have responded.  Deadline is December 15.

Under new business, President Preston reported that St. Cyprians and Pinewoods Academy would be participating this year and he intends to contact Brookhollow elementary also.   David Adams said he would contact Hudson.  The awards are to remain the same as last year but this year Preston proposed that each school should submit their best three posters, regardless of the number of students.

At this time Preston introduced the speaker, Judge Paul White.  Judge White graduated from High School in Corsicana, got his BS at Univ. of Texas and Doctors at Baylor.  Worked as a construction welder while attending school.  He was a lawyer from 1978 to 2001 and was then appointed Judge, 159th Judicial District Court by Governor Rick Perry.   Judge White talked about the Constitution and how it is not read or understood and is generally under attack.

Judge Paul White

After a long question period, Preston thanked Judge White.for a fine presentation.   Judge White is to give President Preston the name of a State Trooper who in the opinion of Tom Gann should be honored at one of our meetings.  Preston announced that the speaker for the January meeting will probably be Trent Squyres who will talk about a local skirmish related to the civil war.  He then led the assemblage in the SAR Closing Admonition.   The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:00 PM..

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Preston, President