Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter

Minutes January 27, 2011

A meeting of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter, S.A.R., was held at 7 PM January 27, 2011 at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Lufkin.  Members and guests started arriving after 6 PM to enjoy a Dutch Treat dinner before the meeting.  

President Neal Naranjo opened the meeting and called Bob Ham forward to lead the assemblage in the plede to the flags.  After the pledge, Naranjo gave the Invocation.

At this time Preston introduced the guest.  Members present were:  Neal Naranjo, President, Bob Ham, 1st VP., Martin Netherland, Mike Everheart, Dist. 10 VP, Woody Gann, Fred Preston, Secretary, Tom Gann, Sgt at Arms and Donald Stallings..  Guests were June Everheart, Charlene Ham, Betty Preston, Sam and Mary Griffin, Vicki Gann, Charlene Gann, David and Jasmine Butler, Cheryl and Frank Dutill and Clarence Davis.   In all there were 8 members.and 15 guests.

Under old business we talked about the checks mailed to Naranjo that have not been found.  Will try again, not sure who they will be mailed to.  Also, the flag certificate for Gann Medford Real Estate.  Neal mentioned that we need to order more certificates.   Under New Business, it was proposed that we give the VA Clinic a flag certificate, Preston made the motion and Everheart seconded. Motion carried.

Naranjo also announced a new member, Rev. Joseph Campbell Spitler. Naranjo remembered Joseph at St. Cyprians Church in the '70s. Joseph joined the chapter in April 1975. He left Lufkin in about 1978 to become a minister and at that time let his membership lapse. In 1982 he was ordained a Deacon in St. Cyprians. He currently lives in Columbus, TX but wanted to be a member of our chapter. He is now reinstated but as yet has not received any notification from State or National SAR ? We welcome Joseph and hope he can attend a meeting sometime in the future.

At this time Preston introduced Jasmin Butler.  Jasmin submitted an entry into the Knight Essay Contest.  Jasmin is about 18 and was born in Corpus Christi.  She enjoys reading and experimenting with website building.  Lived for seven years in Guatemala where her Mother is originally from..  In recent years she has been home schooled.  She writes and speaks Spanish fluently and she would like to become a part time court interpreter.  She read her paper on "The Revolutionary Mind". It was very good and the paper will be mailed to State on Friday the 28th.

Jasmine Butler read her essay entitled "The Revolutionary Mind"

At this time, Neal introduced the speaker for the evening, Frank Minton from Trinity County.  Frank played football at SFA and in 1961 began coaching football and teaching in Groveton.  He was recognized as Citizen of the Year in Houston County, served as Executive Director of Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce.  He also was on KIVY radio doing Farm and Ranch news every weekday morning. Frank has many interests and can tell humorous stories about just about anything, some true, some not.   The talk was well received.

Frank Minton, humorist.


After the talk, Naranjo presented Frank with a Certificate of Appreciation.

L to R: Frank Minton, J. Neal Naranjo.

Naranjo talked about the recent discussion on merging school districts and the deletion of early American heroes from text books.

At this point, Mike Everheart came forward and talked about the various projects that we support and mainly made the point that we need to get new members. There are a number of potential members, all we need to do is get them inducted. Naranjo has four young men working for him that could become members. Dickie Dixon has indicated that he wants to join. There are a number of other possible members and we need them now. We need someone to step up and be a 2nd VP in charge of the various contests.

Bob Ham led the assemblage in the closing admonition.  Meeting adjourned about 8:20

Fred Preston, Secretary.


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