March 28, 2007

A meeting of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter, S. A. R., was held at 7 PM Wednesday,   March 28, 2007 at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Lufkin, Texas. Members and guests arrived after 6 PM to eat prior to the meeting.

President Fred Preston called the meeting to order and asked guest and prospective member Sam Griffin to give the invocation.
Preston then led the assemblage in the pledges to the American Flag and the SAR Flag.

Members present were:  Fred Preston, Neal Naranjo, Fred Jacobs, Tom Gann, Martin Netherland, David Adams, Jeff Corbett, Jasper Lee and Vance Roberts. Preston introduced the guests which included Betty Preston, Honora Jacobs, Sam (prospective member) and Mary Griffin,  Vicki Gann, Ben and Ellen Pyle, Patsy * and Howard McGill, Sue Roberts*, Mary Ann Naranjo *, Stella Frances Naranjo *, J.B. Lee and Mary Lee, Mike and June Everheart, George and Judy West, Dylan Coleman, Cheri * and Craig Coleman, Daulton Coleman,  Kyle Rivenbark and Amy Rivenbark, Shakima Morrison, Valyncia and Timothy Morrison, Jasmine and Jakoyes Morrison,  Duane Hedberg (History Teacher Pineywoods Academy) and Jo Ann Hedberg.   In all there were 9 members and 31 guests including the speaker.

(* denotes DAR)

Tom Gann  made a motion to accept the minutes as mailed out and posted on the web page, Neal Naranjo seconded. Motion carried.

Jeff reported that we had over $6,800 in the CD account which matures July 7, 2007, however the checking account was less than $50 and we are being charged $10 a month for low balance.  Jeff is going to see if we can withdraw approximately $1500 from the CD account without paying a penalty and put it in the checking account.


Still need to get autobiographies written and submitted.  Have about 6 but need one from everyone.  Give detail but keep it less than one full printed page.

Handouts are available for members if they don't already have them.  These include a list of officers, a complete list of our membership and 5 or 6 of the autobiographies.   They will be available to any member who wants one after the meeting.

Preston reported that the survey on day of the week or week of the month had so little response he couldn't come to any conclusion so meetings will stay on the 3rd Thursday.

At the last meeting, Preston appointed Woody Gann, Tom Gann and Lester Sparks as a committee to make recommendations on how to spend some of the money in the CD account.   There was no report.

Jasper Lee was accepted on December 20, 2007, another descendant of Nathan Gann.   Jasper was called up and presented with his Certificate and a Rosette.

Jasper Lee receiving his SAR Membership Certificate.


After many emails we finally got our 100% membership renewal.  Several members had not received their dues statement because the treasurer had the wrong address.  They received payment from the last member on March 20th.  In 2006 we had 5 new members and 2 transfers.  We now have 22 members who live within about 40 miles (one in Center and one in San Augustine, rest within 10 miles).  I would hope we start seeing more members at the meetings.  In 2007 there are two men we are trying to get to reinstate and two more possible new members.

Our chapter was asked to  host the August 2008 Board of Managers meeting at the Fredonia Hotel in Nacogdoches but we decided it would be too difficult and declined.

It was obvious the the chapter has started toward having a color guard.  Both Fred Preston, President, and J. Neal Naranjo, Vice President, were in uniform.  We plan to start flag retirement ceremonies and perhaps participate in parades.

Preston asked each member who has served in the military to get him a copy of their DD-214 they received at discharge, this contains the necessary information to determine which medal the member should receive.  Everyone who served can receive a medal even if they did not leave the country.   The plan is to present the medals at the September meeting. 

Poster Contest Presentation:  At this time Preston asked Neal Naranjo make the award presentation for the Poster Contest Winners.  The subject was 'Yorktown' and Pineywoods Academy had 19 students participate.  St. Cyprians 5th grade teacher was involved in an automobile accident and the substitute was not aware of the contest.   They had one entry.   Neal gave the students  pep talk and then presented the certificates.  Shakima Morrison, 11, received a check for $10 for 3rd Place.  Kyle Rivenbark, 10, received a check for $15 for 2nd place and Dylan Coleman, 10, received a check for $25 and 1st place certificate.  Pictures were taken of each contestant with their family.

Front Row L/R:Kyle Rivenbark, Dylan Coleman and Shakima Morrison.
Back Row L/R:Neal Naranjo, Duane Hedberg and Fred Preston

At this time, Mike Everheart, District 10 Vice President from Tyler, came forward and presented a ribbon to the chapter for issuing a Flag Certificate.  The ribbon will be attached to the top of the SAR flag pole.

Mike Everheart, Dist. 10 VP awards the Nathan Gann Chapter with a Ribbon.

Prior to George talking, his wife Judy made a presentation on the Ladies Auxiliary.   Pin cost $10 and membership $5.  The auxiliary is trying to increase their membership. (if anyone is interested let m know and we can get more information.)

Preston then asked Naranjo to introduce the speaker, the newly elected President of the Texas  Society Sons of the American Revolution.  George West was installed March 24th, visited College Station on the 26th, Tyler on the 27th, Lufkin 28th and Athens on the 29th.  George grew up in Corpus Christi, graduated from St. Edwards University in Austin in 1961.  George is a member of the Panhandle Plains Chapter and lives in Canyon, TX.  George was involved with research on explosives and among other things he was one of the UN inspectors in Iraq.   

J. Neal Naranjo introducing the speaker, George West.

George talked about his seven proven ancestors and challenged each member to learn as much as they could about their ancestor and write it down.  He talked about the lack of knowledge of our history shown by many of our high school students.  Thought the idea presented by Naranjo about framing a copy of the Declaration of Independence and putting it in local schools was a good idea.  Anything that we can do to help children be more aware and interested in history would be of value.  George said there were 50 chapters in Texas and we had more members than any other state, however, only about 1/10th as many as the DAR.

George West, newly elected President Texas SAR.

Preston presented George with a Certificate of Appreciation and thanked him for a great presentation.  He then thanked everyone for attending and reminded them the next meeting would be May 17th and the subject would be the History of the Nathan Gann Chapter presented by Woody Gann.  We would also present the award to the Eagle Scout winner at that time.  Preston led the assemblage in the Closing Admonition and meeting was adjourned about 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Fred Preston

Picture after the meeting of George West, Neal Naranjo, Mike Everheart and Fred Preston.