May 15, 2008

A meeting of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter, S. A. R., was held at 7 PM Thursday, May 15, 2008 at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Lufkin, Texas. Members and guests arrived after 6 PM to eat prior to the meeting.

President Fred Preston called the meeting to order.  Prior to the invocation, Preston asked for prayer concerns specifically for Ed Shelton and Vicki Gann.   Lester Sparks gave the invocation and then Naranjo led the assemblage in the pledges to the American Flag and the SAR Flag.

Preston then recognized the guests.  Members present were:  Fred Preston, Neal Naranjo, Fred Jacobs, Woody Gann, Harold Newsom, Lester Sparks, Jeff Corbett, Fred Hutson and District 10 VP Mike Everheart. Guests were introduced which included  Betty Preston, Honora Jacobs, Sam (prospective member) and Mary Griffin,  June Everheart, Geneva Newsom,  Mildred Sparks, Stella Frances Naranjo, Agnes Hutson, Bob Inselmann and his guest, Charles Young, Polly Young and Suzanne Fife   In all there were 9 members and 14 guests.

There were no corrections to the minutes.   Minutes stand approved.

Jeff Corbett gave the treasurers report.  The CD balance is $5034.36 and it matures 7/7/08 and is 4.2%.  The Money Market Accout now has a balance of $2,100.03.

Preston had planned to present a Flag Certificate but the company representative did not show up.

OLD BUSINESS: Naranjo will purchase some frames for the Declaration of Independence copies that he purchased and we will see about distributing them to area schools.

NEW BUSINESS:  A Flag retirement ceremony is scheduled for 9 AM on Monday the 26th at Pineywoods Academy.   It will be just for the benefit of the students.

On May 30th at 9 AM Naranjo and Preston will present Certificates of Appreciation to 5th grade students at Pineywoods Academy for their participation in the Molly Pitcher poster contest.  This will be at their year end awards ceremony.

The State Historian, Tom Whitelock wants newer members to complete a brief biography and return it for their records.  Preston will mail out these to newer members and then send them into the Historian.

Mike Everheart spoke briefly about the August Board of Managers meeting to be held in Tyler on August 1,2 and 3.

June Everheart told about a quilt made by the SAR Ladies Auxilliary.  They are selling chances on it to benefit a youth project.

Preston talked about the search for new members and indicated he had a list of 15 possible members. Three of these are members who dropped out many years ago and haven't re-joined.  Two are sons of either SAR or DAR parents, and the rest are interested to various degrees.  Everheart worked with Inselmann, Griffin and Young at this meeting and took information back on a Harry Taylor

At this point, Preston introduced the speaker, Harry Fife, Jr., currently President of the TXSSAR.  Harry is a graduate of Texas Tech, retired from Shell Oil as Senior System Analyst, retired from Trinity Valley Community College as instructor, married to Suzanne for 25 years, has a combined family of 4 children and 6 grandchildren.  He has held many positions in the Athens Chapter including President in 2001/2002.  Has been District 10 VP, TXSSAR Secretary, President Elect and President.  Has also held positions on National Committees.   Harry talked about chapter budgets, obtaining grants and community involvement.  Lot of good ideas on how to obtain financial help and how to spend it on youth projects.

Harry Fife
Harry Fife, Jr., TXSSAR President.

Preston thanked Harry and then presented him with a Certificate of Appreciation. He then announced that the meeting September 18th would be announced later.

Preston led the assemblage in the SAR closing admonition.

The meeting was adjourned about 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted:  Fred Preston